Work With Us

Inter-Disciplinary.Net is always interested in hearing from people who would like to work with us, across all levels of the network. In light of our not-for-profit status we are wholly comprised of a mixture of people who are either self-employed and volunteers. All of us share a common vision about what we believe education and learning to be all about, and have a burning desire to get involved at a deeper level in the organisation, development and evolution of what Inter-Disciplinary.Net is and what it can become.

If you are interested in working with us, please drop a line to for the attention of Dr Rob Fisher outlining how you would like to get involved. At this present moment in time we have a number of areas where we could use help.

  • administrative coordinators – to help us with the administrative structures and processes which enable all of the Hubs and projects to function
  • proof readers and copy editors
  • people with marketing experience – both the marketing of conferences in academic, professional, business, vocational and ngo contexts; marketing of books, journals and other print and electronic materials
  • people with server experience; people with web site experience – with familiarity with WordPress and php
  • possible project leaders
  • possible Hub Leaders

We are always interested in what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you think it could help Inter-Disciplinary.Net grow and evolve.  Get in touch, have a chat, and let’s see what is possible.