Travel: Practice, Process, Product

Welcome to the Travel: Practice, Process, Product research project. Travel has become an integral component of many countries GDP and a means of employment for numerous communities and a point of concern regarding social and environmental issues, the concepts of travel and tourism have become a serious focus of discussion across numerous disciplines. Questions regarding ‘what is travel, what does it mean to travel, why we travel and how we travel?’ have become a central core of this discussion. However, the notion of travel is not a new phenomenon. Historically, the human race has traveled for a myriad of specific purpose often related to simply ‘seeing what was over the next hill.’ Other historical aspects also included changing living conditions, a sense of adventure or expansion of domains. While these aspects still exist, new motivational factors have arisen such changing working conditions, business, pleasure, relief or aid work, the need to understand new cultures, religious or spiritual pilgrimages, personal or familial responsibilities, educational opportunities and economic advancement or refuge from oppressive political governments. This project seeks to give research and practical voice to this important aspect of global concern.

The project will explore and assess a number of core themes:

  • What are the historical constructs of travel?
  • What is the nature of ‘travel’ within specific cultures, or across cultures?
  • What impact does travel have on diverse environments around the globe?
  • What is the intersection between cognitive, psychological and psychological areas as they relate to travel?
  • Where does ‘self, and the notion of identity fit with the idea of traveling?

Related themes will also be identified for development and exploration. Out of our deliberations it is anticipated that a series of related cross context research projects will develop.