7th Global Conference (2011)

7th Global Conference



Monday 4th July 2011 – Wednesday 6th July 2011
Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme

Monday 4th July  2011
From 12.30

Welcome and Opening Words

Phil Fitzsimmons

Session 1: Creating the Space
Chair: Phil Fitzsimmons

Is There a Way Forward for Creative Writing Pedagogy in the Primary School Curriculum? An International Study
Julie MacLusky and Robyn Cox

School Culture and Creativity
Shirley Pulis Xerxen

Students’ Creative Thinking Related Aspects of School Milieu
Eda Heinla, Eha Rüütel, Marit Mõistlik & Lilian Liiväär


Session 2: Creation of the Inner Space
Chair: Graham Morley

A Present State of Happiness: Teaching Young Children as  Flow’
Philip Selbie

Act for Change:  Creative Improvisation in Education
Jacquelyn Baker-Sennett

Creativity and the Dark Side
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception

Tuesday 5th July  2011
Session 3: Generating the Creative Space: An International Perspective
Chair: Robyn Cox

Creativity Education in India: Breaking Barriers
Ankur Madan

Teacher and Student Notions of Critical Creative Moments in Swedish   Classrooms
Eva Hoff & Erika Lemark

Can Hearts and Minds be Changed in an ‘Experimental’ Chinese Kindergarten
Graham Morley & Jonathan Glazzard


Session 4: Forms, Foci and Facets of Creative Creativity
Chair: Liz Stirling

Thinking Outside the ‘Thinking Outside the Box’: Reflections on Zen, Jazz, and the Nature of Creativity
Stefan Sikora

Contemporary Art Practice and Children’s Play: What Can Artists and Children Learn Together about Creative Processes and Forms of Social Engagement?
Frances Williams

A Different Way to Think about Creativity: The Case of Autism and Outsider Art
Rebecca McKenzie


Session 5(a): Title Art Forms and Visual Expressions
Chair: Stefan Sikora

Can You Tidy Up Now Please? Researching the Classroom Art Demonstration as Art Practice
Paul Cope

Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication to Promote Creative Engagement and Response amongst School Students
Frances Alter

“How about an Creative Revolution?”; Teachers’ Experiences of the Decline of Arts Education in the Education Revolution
Rachael Jacobs

Session 5(b): The Power and the Passion
Chair: Eva Hoff

Creatively Passionate
Pedro Sousa

Teaching as a Creative Process
Lilian Dabdoub

Does it Cut Both Ways? Investigating the Relationship of ‘Project Based’ Teaching and Learning on Creativity of Children and Teacher
Rajeev Sharma


Session 6: Thinking, Talking, and Testing the Waters
Chair: Fiona Baker

Creative, Cultural and Critical: Media Literacy Theory in the Primary Classroom
Becky Parry, Cary Bazalgette, John Potter

“Now you see me, Now you don’t “- Acknowledging Disengagement within Group Activities and the Use of Play to Re-engage.
Chrissie Poulter

Ask, Don’t Tell! – Socratic Conversations in the Foreign Language Classroom
Corinna Lenhardt

Sessions End

Wednesday 6th July 2011
Session 7: Title Empowerment Through Creative Engagement
Chair: Leon Fratila

The Den Project
Liz Stirling & and Laura Robinson

What is the Creative Value of the Edutainment Complex – Kidzania – for Primary School Children?
Fiona Baker

Not supplied
Nor Hasni Yanti Hamim


Session 8a: Title Creativity Enlarged and At Large
Chair: Pedro Sousa

Creative Engagement in “Surviving by Thinking” Course at Center for Teaching Innovation (CID Romania)
Leon Fratila

Engaging Language Learners in the 21st Century through ICT in a Singapore Secondary School
Muneira Daud


Session 8b: Title Creativity Enlarged and At Large B
Chair: Rebecca McKenzie

Changing Representation of Childhood in Children’s Fiction: From Chronicles of Narnia to His Dark Materials
Maryam Serajiantehrani

Intended, Applied and Experienced Null Curriculum
Mostafa Sheikhzade


Session 9: Another Way of Thinking
Chair: Chrissie Poulter

The Liberal Arts in Practice: The Philosophy for Children Movement Revisited
Robin Zebrowski

Fiction and Play
Alexandra Antonopoulou

A School Trip for Reggio Emilia: Enhancing Child-led Creativity in Museums
Elee Kirk


Session 10: Title  And So, What Is This Thing Called Creativity?
Chair: Robin Zebrowski

Vygotsky’s  Cultural-Historical Approach to the Problem of the Creativity Measurement
Svetlana Churbanova & Liudmila Obukhova

Nurturing the Good aka Critical Thinking
Angelique Olmo & Eric Hausser

Nurturing the Potential for Advanced Development: A case of Identification of Indicators of Giftedness
Rekha Sapra

Development meeting  and closing remarks

Conference Ends