3rd Global Conference (2009)

3rd Global Conference


Tuesday 14th July 2009 – Thursday 16th July 2009
Mansfield College, Oxford

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme (v.1.3e)

Tuesday 14th July 2009
from 12.30

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Rob Fisher and Phil Fitzsimmons

Session 1: Places, Persons and Processes
Chair: Phil Fitzsimmons

Andri Savva
Young Children’s Responses to Visual Images: Preferences, Functions and Origins

Jeanine Breaker
Regarding Preservation of Nuance: Visual Literacy in the Perception of the Human Body

Mark Thorsby
Reading the Visual: Language, Body, & Space

Thomas Forget
Abstract Perception:Graphic Literacy and the Limits of Pictures


Session 2: Across Visual Lines
Chair: Sofia Pantouvaki

Bev Croker
Reading the Contemporary Picture Book: Negotiating Change

Phil Fitzsimmons
Voices in the Dark: Unpacking ‘/Twilight/’ through the Facets of Visual Paratext

Kerrie McCaw
Thinking and Talking with Alice

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception


Wednesday 15th July 2009
Session 3: Outsider and Insider Visions
Chair: Monika Raesch

Boris Goesl
The Inner Eye and the Outer Space: Planetaria as Schools for Visual Literacy

Mary Anne (Edgeworth) Drinkwater
Radical Educational Policy: Critical Democratic Pedagogy and the Reinfusion of the Arts in Secondary Schools

Desdemona McCannon
Visualising the Essay: Using Information Graphics to Facilitate Critical Thinking Within an Art School


Session 4A: Places of Seeing and Being
Chair: Bev Croker

Jan Connelly
Critiquing the Visual via Semiotic Tools Inside the Image Saturated World of Advertising. Learning through the Mobilization of the Iconic Popular Culture Programme: ‘The Gruen Transfer’ (ABC)

Marina Mohdarif
Young Learners’ Second Language Visual Literacy Practices

Amanda Hufford
Architectural Analysis Portfolio – Drawn Knowledge A Case Study

Session 4b:Creating Culture and Consciousness
Chair: Jeanine Breaker

Katherine Arbuckle
“This looks like a hat. I don’t know what it is.” Investigating pictorial literacy in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Laura Trafí-Prats
ABC Milwaukee: The Visual Culture Literacies of Growing up Urban

Sofia Pantouvaki
The Visual and Social Semiotics of Toilet Signs in Greece


Session 5a: The New View
Chair: Tracey Bowen

Heather Mullin
Go To, Select and Click: Critical Inquiry Online

Senka Anastasova
Exploring Digital Practices of Looking

Sandra Schamroth Abrams
Keeping an Eye on the Game: Video Gaming, Visual Literacy and Cultural Identity

Session 5b: Seeing Across Even More Divides
Chair: Boris Goesl

Leila Tafreshi Motlagh
How the Gossip Industry Enjoys Visual Literary?

Jill O’Sullivan
Chorography: Reflections on its Place in Visual Literacy and Creative Arts

Oksana Cheypesh
Superheroes as Models of Cultural Synthesis


Session 6a: Defining, Refining and Realigning
Chair: Heather Mullin

Monika Raesch
The Interplay of Visual Literacy and Teaching Approaches

Hyeon-Kyeong Kim
Open the Picturebook and Open the Children’s Heart: Visual Literacy as a Therapy

The Materializing Gaze: Gaydar and Cruising as Queer Visual Literacies
Gilad Padva

Joseph Reylan B. Viray
Group Painting Session: Pedagogical Tool for Cultivating Peace and Oneness among Students of Various Ethnic Orientations at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Session 6b: Discourses, Definitions and Delights
Chair: Penny Kinnear

José Gabriel Ferreras Rodríguez
Celluloid Obsessions: Martin Scorsese’s Visual DNA

Christa Holm Vogelius
The Slight Pencil’s Witchery: Sigourney’s Ecphrastic Model of Viewership

Esra Plumer
The Comfort of Standing Next to Walls

Monsterrat Rifa-Valls
Screening Subjectivity: A Narrative Analysis of Learning Visual Literacies

Sessions End

Thursday 16th July
Session 7a: Icons, Inquiry and Intersections
Chair: Brian Finch

Rick Instrell
A Plain Language Guide to Multimodal Literacy

Tracey Bowen and Penny Kinnear
Visualizing Processes of Inquiry

Shoshi Waksman
The Weave of Text and Picture: Iconic and Linguistic Resources in the Process of Meaning Construction

Session 7b: Choosing and Chasing a New View
Chair: Senka Anastasova

Estefanía Sanz and Pablo Romero
On Visual Kinderculture: Taiwanese, Japanese and Spanish Children Depicting Their Leisure Habits

Rachel Shalita
The Gaza War as reflected Visually in Israeli Daily Journals

Emek Çaylı Rahte
Gender and Visual Literacy: Women’s /Media Watch Group/ (MEDIZ) in Turkey


Session 8: Places of Being and Seeing
Chair: Desdemona McCannon

Yael Krimerman-Naveh
Moral Education and Visual Literacy

Michele Paule
‘I am a smart girl but I don’t look like that at all’: Televisual Constructs of Genius and Gender

Evangelia Moula
Comics in Education: Advocating Visual Literacy – Reinforcing Intercultural Discourse


Session 9: Reading Frames and Fractures
Chair: Jan Connelly

Brian Finch
Framing Children’s Film Viewing Practices

George S. Larke-Walsh
Visual Literacy in Film: Teaching First Year Undergraduates how to read film using in-class and web-based materials

Faye Ran
Reading Between The Lines — Visual Literacy and Film

Jane Mills
Screen Literacy, Its Social and Educational Implications and Applications


Unpacking the Themes, Development Meeting

Conference Close