4th Global Conference (2010)

4th Global Conference


Wednesday 7th July 2010 – Friday 9th July 2010
Mansfield College, Oxford

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme

Wednesday 7th July 2010
from 12.30

Welcome and Opening Words

Phil Fitzsimmons

Session 1: Mapping the Visual Mind
Chair: Phil Fitzsiommons

From Inquiry to Practice—Drawing a Course
Penny Kinnear

The Contemporary Visual Literacy of Mapped Place
Jill O’Sullivan

Understanding Migrant Visualizations of Home and Family: Mapping the Terrain
John Watters


Session 2: Seeing the Visual in Different Frames
Chair: Sheila Sandapen

Modular Composition and Japanese Visual Literacy
Sean McGovern

Therapeutic and Empowering Aspects of Visual Literacy Programmes in Israeli High Schools
Jonathan Friesem

Layers of Meaning: Children’s Understanding of Cinematic Literacy
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception


Thursday 8th July 2010
Session 3: How We See It
Chair: Sofia Pantouvaki

Beyond the Surface: A Social Semiotic Analysis of Images in Language and Literature Textbooks Relating to National Identity Formation
Natasa Lackovic

Visual Literacy and Visual Literature: Literarts that have to be Learnt
Teresa Noguera

The Concept and Tools of Visual Literacy’ + ‘Teaching Visual Literacy’ + ‘Interpreting Elements and Examples of Visual Literacy’
Courtney Coyne-Jensen



Session 4: I See and I Understand
Chair: Sean McGovern

Visualising Theatre: Scenography from Concept to Design to Realisation
Sofia Pantouvaki

Behind the Screen:  Accessing Digital Texts
Heather Mullin

“Another Gay Sunshine Day”: Embodying New Social Semiotics in Gay Anarchistic Comedies
Gilad Padva


Session 5(a): New Visions and Viewing
Chair: Gilad Padva

The Intricacies of Visual Referencing in Computer Games
Barbara Barroso

Critical Visual Literacy: Inside Virtual Worlds for the Young and Youth
Jan Connelly

Building Opportunities for Learner-Centered Visual Literacy Development: A Technology Classroom Based Approach
Jane Pilling-Cormick

Session 5(b): Borders, Barriers and Visual Boroughs
Chair: Penny Kinnear

Visual Demarcations of Social Space in Traditional Japanese Culture
Lisa Nobeta

Representations of Cyprus: Impressions of Gender and Culture during British Rule (1878-1959)
Maria Photiou

Transnational Refugees and Participatory Visual Research
Zoe O’Reilly


Session 6:
Tracing Lines in a Changing World
Chair: Rosemary Johnston

Reading Gestures and Reading Codes: The Visual Literacy of Graffiti as both Physical/Performative Act and Digital Information Text
Tracey  Bowen

Views from the Water’s Edge: The Impact of Images in Communicating Perspectives of Climate Change
Lisa Chandler

The Reaffirmation of the Embodied Experience of the Visual
Kerrie  McCaw

Sessions End

Friday 9th July  2010
Session 7: Conceptualizing the Visual in Studies of Visual Literacy: Challenges and Shortcomings
Chair: John Watters

Visual Literacy: The Meaning of Form and Composition
Robert Craig

Conceptualizing the Visual in Studies of Visual Literacy: Challenges and Shortcomings
Michael Griffin

Blurring the Boundaries: Creating New Genres?
Bev Croker


Session 8(a): Visual Facets and Fistulas
Chair: Ria McCaw

Visual Pathography: Graphic representations of illness in David B.’s “Epileptic
Evita Lykou

Cracking Galton: Re- Reading Galton’s Composite Photography
Suzanne Bailey

Childhood Depression and the Picture Book: Shaun Tan’s The Red Tree
Deborah  Pike

Session (8b): Are you Reading Me? Visually speaking
Jan Connelly

Towards an Understanding of Creative Block
Josephine Telfer

Visual Credibility and Poetic Faith: The Technical and Fictional Literacies of You Suck at Photoshop
Craig Stroupe

Predication in Actu and in Potentia: Probing into its Aesthetics
Flutur Troshani


Session 9: Visual Fores into the Liminal
Chair: Jonathan Friesem

Images of the Excluded : Ideology, Interpretation and Context
Jill Fernie-Clarke

Body Traces: The Present Absence
Ria McCaw

Cartoon Fiction and Divine Truth: Views of Culture, Identity and Mysticism in Hergé’s Tintin in Tibet
Peter D’Sena and Tim Myatt


Session 10(a): Across Time and Place: Every picture tells a story don’t it?
Chair: Courtney Coyne-Jensen

Gibran’s Narratives: The Textual and the Visual
Otared  Haidar

The Nation as Graphic Surface: Dreaming, Story and Visual Identity
Rosemary Johnston

Critical Reading of Animation Films for Children
Rachel  Shalita

Session 10(b): Borders of Viewing: Descriptions and demarcations
Chair: Deborah Pike

H is for Heterotopias: Descartes’s Fountains and the Modern Cineplex
Laura   Balladur

Skin Deep: Visual Representations of White/British Identity and Black/Foreign Identity in Commercially Successful Popular Cinema
Sheila Sandapen

Precious Jones: Visual Text, Visual Reader
Michelle Keita

Development Meeting  and Closing Remarks

Conference Ends