Welcome to the Writing: Paradigms, Power, Poetics and Praxes interdisciplinary research and publishing project home page. The project seeks to explore the many intertextual and intersemiotic facets of writing as they exists in the digital age but also taking into account the historical forces process and mechanisms, their relationships to contemporary writing forms, and the possibilities of future directions.  ‘All writing comes from somewhere’ and with this axiom in mind this project will not only examine the pragmatic elements of writing but also the complex issues concerning the metafunctions of writing as a creative and purposeful process across various disciplines.

The project will explore a number of key themes:

1. Writing as a Creative Process: Theory and Practice
What are the origins and forms of creative writing?What is the personal and interpersonal relationship between creativity and writing?How do various disciplines understand the pragmatic elements of writing and the thought processes that underpin writing? What are the similarities/differences in understanding between the related research disciplines?How do authors actually write?

2. Writing Across the Disciplines: Theory and Practice
How do various disciplines define writing? The psychology, philosophy and pedagogy of writing of various fields of thought. What is creativity in theory and practice in the business world? Can writing be taught? How do readers engage with writing? How does writing develop in all age groups or across age groups? What are the various forms interdisciplinary approaches to teaching writing?The future role of writing?The relationships between children’s engagement with television, film, visual literacy and writing?

3. Critical and Cultural Thinking
How is writing linked to critical thinking? Is it the same as critical literacy? Where does this writing ability come from? What are the conditions that foster critical thinking and critical writing?Developing writing as life skills, social issues and education for citizenship in the 21st century

Related themes will also be identified for development and exploration. Out of our deliberations it is anticipated that a series of related cross context research projects will develop.