Fear, Horror and Terror


This project explores the representations, experiences and cultural dynamics of Fear, Horror and Terror addressing these from the individual, national, and even global perspectives. The exploration of these requires an interdisciplinary approach, to tease out and examine the interrelated cultural, social and even biological sources and symptoms of these experiences. There are four key interlinked, and yet distinct, definitions for the terms Fear, Horror and Terror: as emotional states, abstract concepts, genres of fiction and art, and lived political realities.

This project is an exploration of the links and similarities between fear, horror and terror as concepts and experiences, but also the differences. How are these conceptualised in different places and spaces, in different eras, under differing political systems? How are the representations of these concepts shaped and inflected by cultural and social difference, or by social and political change? And how are these states of being experienced or communicated through language, gender, nationality, race and ethnicity?

To achieve a diversity of approach and perspective, and develop a truly international project, we hope to attract a wide variety of participants to the project. We want to hear from those engaged in research about bodily and psychological experiences, those who explore the theoretical and philosophical, and those who have had unique experiences of living through embodied experiences. From the medical student to the political prisoner, from the horror film director to the theologian, we hope to develop a space for dialogue that promotes understanding as well as debate.

We encourage research that crosses the interdisciplinary divide between the social and natural sciences, architecture, law enforcement, medicine, pedagogy, visual arts, literature and popular culture. Abstract proposals can include short film screenings; photographic essays; installations; interactive talks and alternative presentation styles that encourage engagement, a presentation paper, a performance, or a panel presentation on issues related to any of the following themes and related areas.

Core Themes for Development

Among the themes which the project will seek to explore are:

  • Fear, Horror and Terror as emotions
  • Creating and managing Fear, Horror and Terror
  • The meaning, structures and role of Fear, Horror and Terror
  • Gender, sexuality and recreational Fear, Horror and Terror
  • Fear, Horror, Terror in literature, music, art and popular culture
  • Environmental, social and political aspects of Fear, Horror and Terror
  • Aesthetics, semiotics, the imagination and Fear, Horror and Terror
  • Fear, Horror, Terror in the media and new technologies
  • Fear, Horror and Terror in religion, ritual, myth and symbolism
  • Constructions, trends and futurology of Fear, Horror and Terror
  • Business, Economics and Fear, Horror and Terror

The Evil Hub, the home of Fear, Horror and Terror, explores the possibility of making sense of the ‘darker’ aspects of human existence. Almost on a daily basis we encounter spiteful and malicious acts done on an individual or communal basis, witness unbearable moments of tragedy and go through all sorts of experiences of pain, suffering and loss. In struggling to make sense of the things we do, the things which happen to us, and the things we see around us, we develop all sorts of concepts, ideas and language, create all kinds of images and visual representations, perform wide varieties of rituals and practices, as we continually strive to understand what, if anything, we can say and do about these things.