Evil Spaces, Wicked Places

Entrance to St Olave’s Churchyard, London

Evil Spaces, Wicked Places
The Geographies and Architectures of Evil

This inclusive interdisciplinary project explores the relationship between evil, spaces and places. From the circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno to the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge and the massacres in Bosnia and Rwanda, from crumbling sanatoria to gothic haunted houses and basements of imprisonment and sexual oppression, evil has many geographies and inhabits a wide array of accidental or designed architectures. Places become defined as evil; spaces are made evil by the actions of people or acquire the atmosphere and presence of evil. Whether real or imagined, these spaces and places speak to us of unease, fear, menace, dread, horror, the supernatural and something beyond what is human. Evil. This project seeks to map and explore the relationship between persons, evils, spaces and places.

In addition to exploring the general and universal features of evil spaces and wicked places, the project will convene a number of focus events and activities in specific locations around the world, drawing on local knowledge, history, cultures, mythologies and experiences in grappling with the geographies and architectures of evil.