Apocalypse: Imagining the End


This interdisciplinary project explores varying conceptions of the “Apocalypse” from its Christian imaginings to the Hindu notions of the Kali Yuga,  and considers how visions of destruction and fantasies of the “end times” have, not only, a long history but , seemingly, an ongoing and often very definite future.  One purpose of the conference is to explore these ideas by situating them in context – historical, literary, cultural, political, and economic (to name a few).  However, the modern period is especially marked by a mixed sense of concern and fascination with apocalypse, and today we are surrounded by scenarios of imminent destruction and annihilation.  The second aim of conference is therefore to examine today’s widespread fascination the apocalyptic thought, and to understand its appeal across broad sections of contemporary society around the world.

Core themes to be be explored are:

  • History as Apocalypse
  • Utopia, Redemption and Rebirth
  • Selling the Apocalypse, Commodifying Disaster, and Marketing the End Times
  • The Age of Terror
  • Decline, Collapse, and Decay

The project will centre around an annual conference held each July in Oxford The work of the project is to be supported by an email discussion group, ISSN ejournal, ISBN publication series and and evolving research and resource centre.

Please contact the Project Leaders for further information.