1st Global Conference (2008)

1st Global Conference


Monday 3rd November – Wednesday 5th November 2008
Salzburg, Austria

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme (1.4b)

Monday 3rd November 2008
from 12.30

Welcome and Opening Words
Rob Fisher and Niall Scott

Session 1: Aesthetics and Existentialism
Chair: Niall Scott

Carmen DeAnna
Tragic Metal

Daniel Frandsen
Suicide, Booze and Loud Guitars: The Ethical Problem of Heavy Metal

Michael Nagenborg & Christian Hoffstadt
“You’re too Fuckin’ Metal for your own good” Controlled Anger and the Expression of Intensity and Authenticity in Post-modern Heavy Metal


Session 2: Religion/Spirituality
Chair: Rebecca Forrest

Natalia Motos
The Sacred Immersed in Heavy Metal

Marcus Moberg
Turn or Burn? The Peculiar Case of Christian Metal Music

Kathleen McAuley and Elizabeth Clendinning
The Call of Cthulhu: Narrativity of the Cult in Metal

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception

Tuesday 4th November
09.30 Concurrent Sessions
Session 3A: Subculture

Chair: Colin McKinnon

Ilgin Ayik
Pentagram (A.KA. Mezarkabul): Founders of Turkish Heavy Metal

Pierre Hecker
Heavy Metal in a Muslim Context: The Rise of the Turkish Metal Underground

Session 3B: History
Chair: Angelique Moreau

Simon Poole
All Tomorrows Become Yesterday: Stoner Rock’s Construction Through Nostalgic Historiography

Robert Rutland
Roots Metal: Rediscovering the Origins of Heavy Metal in Stoner Rock

Imke von Helden
Barbarians and Literature: Viking Metal and its links to Old Norse Mythology


11.00 Concurrent Sessions
Session 4A: Extreme Metal in Distorted Utopias

Chair: Marcus Moberg

Sarah Chaker
Extreme Music for Extreme People(!?!) Black and Death Metal put to Test in a Comparative Empirical Study

Jeremy Wallach
Distortion-drenched Utopias: Metal and Modernity in Southeast Asia

Session 4B: Filling the Metal Void
Chair: Elizabeth Clendinning

Claudia Azevedo
Metal in Rio de Janeiro1980’s-2008: An Overview

Brian Hickam
Filling the Void: The Heavy Metal and Hard Core Punk Archiving Project


Session 5: Gender & Identity
Chair: Keith Kahn-Harris

Florian Heesch
Metal for Nordic Men? Amon Amarth’s Representations of Vikings

Rebecca Forrest
Mud Shark: Groupies and the Construction of the Heavy Metal Rock God

Mikael Sarelin
Masculinities within Black Metal: Heteronormativity, Protest Masculinity or Queer?


Session 6: Cultural Theory and the Music
Chair: Claudia Azevedo

Scott Wilson
From Forests Unknown: Eurometal and the Audio Political Unconscious

Joseph Blessin
Modalities of the Avant-garde: The Aesthetic Role of Light in the Parallax of Alexander Scriabin’s Opera, Mysterium and Heavy Metal Performance

Dietmar Elflein
Slaying the Pulse : Rhythmic Organisation and Rhythmic Interplay within Heavy Metal

Sessions End

Wednesday 5th November
Session 7: Race and Identity I
Chair: Joseph Russo

Laura Wiebe Taylor
Nordic Nationalisms: Black Metal takes Norway’s Everyday Racisms to the ‘Extreme’

Justin Davisson
Extreme Politics and Extreme Metal: Strange Bedfellows or Fellow Travelers?


Session 8: Race and Identity II
Chair: Carmen DeAnna

Andy Brown
The Importance of Being ‘Metal’: The Music Press and Youth Identity Construction

Karl Spracklen
True Ayryan Black Metal: The Meaning of Leisure, Belonging and the Construction of Whiteness in Black Metal Music

Keith Kahn-Harris
How Diverse Should Metal Be? The Case of Jewish Metal.


Session 9: Phenomenology
Chair: Scott Wilson

Nicola Masciandaro
What is This that Stands before Me?: Metal as Deixis

Joseph Russo
Nile’s Primal Ritual – Induction of the Devotee

Jamerson Maurer
Fire walk with Me; or Dwelling in the Lodge of Differentiation


Session 10: Ethics/Politics
Chair: Robert Rutland

Niall Scott
Politics? nah.. Fuck Politics man! (What can we expect from metal Gods?)

Richard Floeckher
Fuck Euphemisms: How Heavy Metal Lyrics Speak the Truth About War and Oppression

Development Meeting

Conference Close