1st Global Conference (2011)

1st Global Conference


Wednesday 14th September – Friday 16th September 2011
Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme

Wednesday 14th September
From 12.30
Conference Registration

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Shilinka Smith & Shona Hill

Session 1.:  Places of Dwelling
Chair: Matthew Melia

Homeward Bound:  Mediating Place in Artists’ Journey
Jenny Fitzgibbon.

Crossing the Threshold:  the domestic house/home as a site for contemporary Irish art installations.
Jane Humphries

Exploring Space, Creating Place: depictions of Dublin in the art of Harry Kernoff RHA (1900-1974)
Kathryn Milligan


Session 2a: Experiencing Space as it becomes Place
Chair:  Jane Humphries

Ruins of the British Country House: Sutton Scarsdale and the reinterpretation of national identity
Miriam Cady

Painting Facades: A Strategy to becoming a ‘place in the map’
Veronica Conte

The Role of Place as a Potential Determinant for the Experience of Presence in Virtual Environments
Thierry Plante

Session 2b: Using Space

Chair:  Ann Holt

‘See it all small’ – Collective Place and Space in Public Spatial Models
Yael Padan

Music-halls and Mirrors – Walter Sickert and Pictorial Space c. 1890
William Rough

Making Space Visible: Walking on Walls
Larraine Nicholas

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception

Thursday 15th  September 2011
Session 3: Realising Places
Chair: Shona Hill

Door and other Passages: a semiotics of Place
Dalila Honorato

Nomadism and Coffeehouses:  the Effects of Space and Place on Ottoman Storytellers
Defne Cizakca

Imagining the Space and Place of the Imaginary
Amir Ameri


Session 4a: Re-presenting Spaces and Places
Chair: Kenneth Poulsen

Contested Burial Space: Kuala Lumpar Chinese Cemetery
Yat Ming Loo

The Production of Place in East Asian Spaces
Simone Shu-Yeng Chung

Session 4b:  Power and Place
Chair: Mee Kam Ng

Politics of Dress:  An analysis of critical issues in dress semiotics with special reference to the king’s dress during 16-17th century Sri Lanka
Nimal De Silva & Priyanka Medagedara Karunaratne

Political power and Ideas on Space and Place Embodied in Albanian Painting
Fjoralba Satka & Aleksander Moisiu

From Bar to Far Perveza:  Political Geography and Geographical Poetry in the Albanian and Kosovar Independence Movements
Adam Goldwyn


Session 5a: Structuring Space
Chair:  Sarah Castille

Theoretical Perspectives on Space and Place: construction of meaning in Archaeology
Gloria Everson

Monastery – a synthesis of Triad Space- territory -place
Violeta Puscasu

Monastic Space and Identity in Southern Languedoc
Taylor Zaneri

Session 5b: Planning Space and Place
Chair:  Thierry Plante

Delayed Amendment of an Outdated town Planning Ordinance: evolving politics of place governance in Hong Kong
Mee Kam Ng

The Role of Alternative Interpretations and Practices in the Construction of Public Space
Silvano A. De la Liata

Giving up on Great Plans? Transformation of representations of space in city plans
Zhanna Kravchenko and Lisa Kings


Session 6: Exploring Spaces
Chair: Simone Shu-Yeng Chung

Shifting Geo/Graphies: between production and reception of imagined spaces
Antje Ziethen

Mandalising the American Landscape:  The construction of Buddhist spaces through English Verse
Enrique Galvan-Alvarez

The political subject in the Neo-Medieval Space-Time:  conceptualising 21st century politics through the 12th century romance
Sarah Castille

Session Ends

Friday 16th  September 2011
Session 7: Title: Space and Identity

Chair:  Harris Breslow

Quake, Place and the End of the English:  The New Zealand Christchurch Cathedral as symbolic of Christchurch Identity
Duncan Harding

Redefinition of Identity of Host Space according to translation models in Space: Case study:  Tehranto (Canada) and Tehran (Iran).
Razieh Rezazadeh, Mostafa Abbaszadegan & Maryam Mohammadi

‘Tehran’ City of Nonspaces
Majid Mansoor Rezaee & Rezaei Rad Hadi


Session 8a: Political Space

Chair:  Duncan Harding

Secular Spaces and Geopolitical Theologies: the sanctification of the Golan Heights in Israel’s Geopolitical Discourse.
Moriel Ram

The Changing Space of the Arab Subject: vision perspective and flow in the Arab urban environment.
Harris Breslow

Arabs and Jews Theatrical Co-Performance as Third Space
Naphtaly Shem-Tov

Session 8b:Illustrating Space

Chair: Kathryn Milligan

The Sensation of Place: translating the experiential sensation of a space into a work of art.
Ann Holt

I don’t know what I’m looking for but I’ll know it when I see it.
Andrew Sneddon

Figure and Field: Space, Place and the Situation of Visual Artists
Duncan McKay


Session 9a: Title:  Determining Space
Chair:  Razieh Rezazadeh

Role of Food Activities in Shaping Urban Space:  from colonisation to globalisation a case of Nigeria
Timothy Seyi Odeyale, Behzad Dodagar, Nick Temple & Carl O’Coill

Space and the Dynamics of identity contests in Benue State, Nigeria
Comfort Erima Ugbem

Finding Neverland:  nomadic space-time and ethnic minorities
Frida Buhre

Session 9b: Theorising Space and Place
Chair:  Jenny Fitzgibbon

Earth, Land and Economics: a Heideggerian Account of space in Economics
Todd S. Mei

Space for Difference:  A Response to Doreen Massey’s critique of Derridean deconstruction
Astrid Nordin


Session 10. Fictional Space
Chair: Shilinka Smith

Space, Place and Reconstruction in British Post War Science Fiction
Matthew Melia

Sky-high Sci-fi: Vertical urbanism in Science Fiction literature
Lucy Hewitt

The Convent as Inquisition – Anti-Catholic Space in English Gothic Fiction
Kenneth Poulsen

Development Meeting and Closing Remarks

Conference Ends