Conference Programme, Abstracts and Papers

5th Global Conference


Wednesday 18th March – Friday 20th March 2015
Lisbon, Portugal

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Draft Conference Programme

Wednesday 18th March  2015

From 12.30
Conference Registration

Welcome and Opening Remarks
John L. Hochheimer

Session 1: Defining Spirituality
Chair: John Hochheimer

What Does The Word Spirituality Really Mean?
Nicole Holt

Where Does It Come From?: A Review of the Literature Related to Neonatal Learning, and the Possible Nature of the Ex-Utero Spiritual Journey
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Dialectics of Spiritual Growth
Gopinath Sharma


Session 2: Spiritual Media and Communication
Chair: Edie Lanphar

Spiritual Hygiene in Modern Times:  An Investigation Of Media Coverage of Meditation from 1979-2014
Sharon Lauricella

Spirituality and video-games: Re-inventing Initiation in the Digital Age?
Françoise Storey and Jeff Storey

Spirituality and Communication/Media Studies: Setting the Foundation for a Subfield
John L. Hochheimer


Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception


Thursday 19th March 2015
Session 3: Spirituality and Faith
Chair: Sharon Lauricella

Spirituality and Cultural Identity of Mystics
Manzoor Ahmad Najar

Contributions of Jaspers’ Philosophical Faith to the Conceptualization of Spirituality
Ferdinand Röhr

Sufi Movements in the West in the 21st Century
Hülya Küçük


Session 4: Spirituality and Healing
Chair: Andre Delbecq

Healing the Soul of the World,  A Contribution to Re-enchantment
Mire-ô B. Tremblay

Spirituality and Healing: Physical Well-ness as a Prerequisite for  Spiritual Transcendence
Keka Das

The Prime Option: Spiritual Islamic Healing for Female Infertility (FI) in Tamboul Town, Sudan
Abu Baker Abdel Rahman


Session 5: Spirituality and Place
Chair: Jennifer Mata

Working with Spirit: Conducting Research in an Animated Paradigm
Alexandra Fidyk

Spirituality and the Labyrinth: The labyrinth as a Cross-cultural Tool for
Wellbeing and Embodied Spiritual Wisdom
Laura Esculcas

Be Good to Your Neighbour: Religion, Spirituality and the Question of Faith
Harry Hoffman and Andy Bertsch

Survivor Spirituality and Popular-Therapeutic Spirituality: A Comparison of Two Types of Spirituality Common among Japanese Family Survivors of Suicide
Tomofumi Oka


Session 6: Spirituality in Organisations and Leadership
Chair: Conroy Reynolds

Integrating Spiritual Wisdom With Executive Level Organisational Strategy
Andre L. Delbecq

Initiation into Authentic Leadership
Andy Bertsch and Harry Hoffman

Spirituality in a Multi-Religious Workplace: Empirical Evidence from Convergence Work 2009 – 2014
Aminah Ahmad and Zoharah Omar

Spirituality and Religiosity in Team Performance: Conceptualization and Measurement
Subba Moorthy


Friday 20th March 2015
Session 7: Whose Spirituality?
Chair: Keka Das

God Wins Over Other Transcendents in Accounting for Spiritual Well-Being
John W Fisher

Killing our Spirituality: The Basel Missionaries and the Bakossi People of Mwetug in Cameroon
Roland Ndille and Elvis Ngome

Post Modernity, Spirituality and the Caribbean American Diaspora
Conroy Reynolds


Session 8: Spirituality and Education
Chair: Ferdinand Röhr

Children’s Spirituality: Review of the Theory and Research in the last 10 Years (2005 – 2015)
Jennifer Mata

The Relationship between Spiritual, Religious, Contemplative and Mindfulness Education
Aostre N. Johnson

The Therapeutic Value of Our Spiritual Narratives
Ellen W. Klein


Project Development Meeting
(This is a short session to discuss ways in which the Project might develop in the future in terms of topics, other events etc)

Session 9: Spirituality in Narrative and the Arts
Chair: Linda Rhinehart

Spiritual Dancing of Ancestor Rituals in Northern Thailand
Suparp Tajai

Pocket of Sound
Elżbieta Wysakowska-Walters

Nature Mandalas: Performance Practice and Narrative Metaphor
Linda Shkreli


Session 10: Spirituality and Literature
Chair: Raisuyah Bhagwan

Shamanistic Liminality in the Poetry of Linda Hogan
Linda Rhinehart

“Outside the Mystery”: Post-Secular Approaches to Sacrament in Gilead
Grace E. Miller

Literature of Dystopia: Ishimure Michiko and Enchanted World of Minamata
Yuki Miyamoto

The Spiritual and Cultural-Ecological Potential of Atwood’s Year of the Flood
Tihana Kovac


Closing remarks and Publications and Project Volunteers

Conference Ends


Please Note: Only delegates attending the conference are listed in the programme.