Spirituality, Healing and Health


How people are in the world can be fundamentally influenced by the balance that they experience between their physical and spiritual selves. Spiritual experience is fundamentally implicated in personal development and human aspirations. Many people consider that spirituality is central their sense of what it means to be a healthy human being.

The ‘Spirituality’ project is actively supported by people from across the globe who identify spirituality as a major aspect of development and a source of wellbeing, and who are interested to see how it continues to shape society and human beings. This project seeks to identify spirituality as a potent force in the modern world as an agent of change. Whilst it challenges the academy and health institutions to re-examine spirituality’s foundation and its legacy, it also urges governments and worldwide organisations, and the communities that they serve, to recognise that human beings are essentially spiritual beings. Whilst the project expects care that attends to people’s physical health in all kinds of settings it also suggests that this is health care at a very primary level. The future challenge is to make provision for those environments and practices that equally attend to both the physical and the spiritual concerns of the person.