4th Global Conference (2007)

Wednesday 2nd May – Saturday 5th May 2007
Budapest, Hungary

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme (v.1.4)

Wednesday 2nd May
from 12:30

Welcome and Opening Words
Rob Fisher, Alejandro Cervantes-Carson and Graeme Goldsworthy

Joint Session 1: Critical Assessments
Chair: Alejandro Cervantes-Carson

Mel Kohlke
Sublime Violations: Trauma Literature and the Search for Transcendence through Violence

Rob Fisher
The Heathlands of Humanity

Cheri Carr
The Value of Violence


Joint Session 2: On the Ground; Experiences and Reflections of War
Chair: Bob Brecher

Victor Emthoven
Black Soldiers: Military Force and Slavery in the Early Modern Atlantic World

Lu Liu
The War of Resistance: China 1937-1945

Gary Baines
Breaking Ranks: Secrets, Silences and Stories of South Africa’s Border War

Notices and Announcements
Wine Reception

Thursday 3rd May
Session Three: There is Your Enemy……..
Chair: Elizabeth Moore

John R. Schindler
Bin Laden’s European War: Bosnia, Al Qa’ida and the rise of Global Jihad

Avery Plaw
Is the War on Terror Real? Should it be?

Kiran Sarma
A Psycho-Social Perspective on Support for Terrorism in the Wake of Attacks


Session Four: War Talk
Chair: Peter Vanderkruit

Janicke Stramer
The Language of War: George W. Bush’s Discursive practices in Securitising the “Western Value System” in the War on Terror

Asta Maskaliunaite
“Fight is not the past, but the present and the future”. Language of Conflict and War in the Spanish Basque Country.

Stephenie Young
Yugonostalgia and the Post-National Narrative


Session Five: That’s Entertainment: War in Pictures
Chair: Helen Fox

Jason McEntee
The Immediacy of Narrated Combat: Operation Iraqi Freedom as Public Spectacle

Susan Scheibler
Experiencing War the Video Game Way: Call of Duty 2

K Neil Jenkings
The Representation of British Soldierly Identity in Print Media and Soldier’s own Photographic accounts.

15.30 Coffee

Session Six: Force Multipliers? Worse than States? NGOs and Conflict
Chair: Graeme Goldsworthy

Tom Kane
The Madness of Coalitions

Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
The Benefits of Combating Global Warming

Efstathios T. Fakiolas
Reflecting on Human Security Or, About the Inherent Nature of National Security

Sessions End

Friday 4th May
No morning session. Sightseeing / Cultural Tour of Budapest


Session Seven: Writing about War
Chair: Susan Scheibler

Elke Rosochacki
Ethical Crossings in War Writing: Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost and the Sri Lankan Civil War

David Boulting
Mobility and Transformation: Engaging the Enemy in Larry Heinemann’s Paco’s Story

Julia Boll
The Unlisted Character


Session Eight: Trauma, Recovery and Remembrance
Chair: Elke Rosochacki

Brenda Roche
Understanding of Trauma in Post War Resettlement

David William Seitz
Approaching New Parameters of Remembrance in the American War Memorial

Bob Brecher
Torture and the “Ticking Bomb”: a Case Study in Fantasy in the so-called War on Terror

17.30 Sessions End

Saturday 5th May
Session Nine: Protection. Transitory, Illusory or Reality?
Chair: Peter van der Kruit

Hitomi Takemura
Rights and Duties of the Individual to disobey Manifestly Illegal Orders under International Law

Daniel Blocq
Western Soldier’s Combat motivation in UN Peacekeeping

Lucas Walsh
International Security and the Paradox of Proximity in the Coverage of War in Cyberspace


Session Ten: Means and Methods: Prohibition, Interventions and Alternatives
Chair: Julia Boll

Julien Barbara
Reconstructing war as a Pathology of Underdevelopment and the Imperative for Western Humanitarian Intervention

Seth B. Scott
The Killers and the Dead: An exploration of the Validity of and Alternatives to Lethal Warfare

Graeme Goldsworthy
The Weakness of International Prohibitions on Small Arms: The Case of Growing Self-Sufficiency in Landmine Production by the LTTE in Sri Lanka


Session Eleven: Ethics; Morality and Philosophy of War
Chair: Daniel Blocq

Kimana Zulueta-Fuelscher
The Mechanics of Judgment on then Topic of War

Tarik Kochi
Questioning Just war Thinking

Arjen Vermeer
The Laws of War in Outer Space: Some Legal Implications for the Jus ad Bellum and the Jus in Bello of the Militarisation and Weaponisation of Outer Space


Session Twelve: Reinventing War and Peace
Chair: Tom Kane

Claudia Croci
Human Security: A Possible Operational Tool in Conflict Prevention

Helen Fox
Teaching Non-Violence

Tea and Development Meeting

Conference Close