4th Global Conference (2006)

Wednesday 12th July – Friday 14th July 2006
Mansfield College, Oxford

Conference Programme, Abstracts & Papers

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme (v.1.7)

Wednesday 12th July 2006
from 12.00
Registration and Coffee

Welcome and Opening Words
Rob Fisher, Peter Twohig and Asa Kasher

Keynote Paper
Harold Schweizer,
On Waiting and Hoping in Raymond Carver’s A Small, Good Thing


Session 2: The Dying Patient
Joint Session

Chair: Regis A. De Silva

Asa Kasher
The Dying Patient: A New Israeli Law

Marlene Benjamin
The Discovered Self: Catastrophic Illness, Dying, and Death in the Shaping of Character

Rob Fisher
The Evils of Making Sense of Death

Katherine Powis
Can the Dying Mourn?

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception


Thursday 13th July 2006
Session 3: Attachment and Trauma
Chair: Reyhan Valri Gork

Stephen W. Kane
Attachment Trauma, Sudden Death and Anticipatory Grief: The Chamorro Sample

Otniel E. Dror
“Sudden Unexpected Death”: Magic, Contingency, and the Uncertainty of Signs

Sandra Jones
Complicated Grief Faced by the Families of Death Row Inmates: Obstacles to Effective Grief Therapy

Leeat Granek
Mourning my Mother


Session 4: Death of Babies
Chair: Kate Woodthorpe

Carol Komaromy
Interpreting the Moment of Death

Jan Bleyen
Hiding Babies: Making Sense of Death and Grief

Lloyd Steffen
The Death of Innocents: Non-combatant Immunity v. the Divine Fetus


Concurrent Sessions
Session 5A: Death in Arts

Chair: Ken Worpole

Phil Fitzsimmons
John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat: An Exploration of Death and Dying in an Enduring Children’s Picture Book

Lucia Aiello
‘Of Death I try to think like this’ (J. 1558): Emily Dickinson’s ‘Play’ with Death

Outi Hakola
The Living Dead as Cinematic Images of Death

Irina Novikova
Representations of Death and Dying in Post-Soviet Russian and Baltic Cinemas

Session 5B: On Suicide
Chair: Muhammad Suwaed

Susan Giles
Language, Justification and Death: Making Sense of Suicide Notes

Farhana Ali
Muslim Women & Violent Jihad: A Look at Suicide Terror

Bruce Powell
Depression and Physician Assisted Suicide in Oregon

Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli
All in the Family: Media Presentations of Family Assisted Suicide in Britain


Concurrent Sessions
Session 6A: Preferences – Managing Dying and Professional Settings

Chair: Carol Komaromy

Eileen Sutton
Older People’s Preferences at the End of Life: A Review of the Literature

Malgorzata Zawila
Religion and Medicine in the Process of Managing Death and Dying: The Case of Hospice Circle in Poland

Jeremy A. Weinstein
“Fear of Feeling”: Working on Death and Dying and Professional Settings

Session 6B: Moral and Philosophical Insights
Chair: Asa Kasher

Simon Cushing
Don’t Fear the Reaper: An Epicurean Answer To Puzzles about Death and Injustice

Warren Shibles
Death as a Language-Game: A Metaphorical Method of Insight

Liz McKinnell
Our Obligations to Past People

Sessions End

Friday 14th July 2006
Concurrent Sessions
Session 7A: Death and the Environment

Chair: Paul Voninski

Ken Worpole
Honoured Guests, Honoured Places: Architecture, Design and End of Life Care

Kriss A. Kevorkian
Environmental Grief

Kate Woodthorpe
The Making of ‘Good’ Memorialisation

Session 7B: Moments of Death and Interventions at the End of Life
Chair: Bodil Ellefsen

Harald G. Kratochvila
The Moral Problems of some Forms of Medical Intervention in Elderly Demented Patients

Regis A. De Silva
Death and the Maiden: End-of-life Policy in the USA: The Interplay of Technology and the Iconography of the Female Body

Christine Valentine and Glennys Howarth
Contemporary Constructions of the ‘Moment of Death’


Session 8A: Death in Cultural Context, I
Chair: Kriss A. Kevorkian

Emilie Jaworski
Funeral Rituals

Reyhan Valri Gork
Death and Funerals In Sunni Societies in Turkey

Gerri Excell
Britain’s” Punk” Mourning Culture

Session 8B: Aspects of Euthanasia
Chair: Jan Bleyen

Florence Ollivier
Convenient Arrangements with Death: A Sociological Study on Euthanasia in France

Leila JylhÀnkangas
The Body of Necessities in Finnish Discourse on Euthanasia

Dan Soen
The Right for “Dignified Death”: Religiosity and attitudes Towards Euthanasia among Social Science Students in Israel


Session 9: Death in Cultural Contexts, II
Chair: Leila Jylhankangas

Shane McCorristine
Tele-visions of the Dying: Ghost-seeing in the Society for Psychical Research in the 1880s

Muhammad Suwaed
Coping with Grief and Loss of Muslim Arabs in Israel – a Religious and Social Perception

Montse Fargas
Traumatic Bereavement and Coping: Implications for a Contextual Approach


Session 10: Death in Social Contexts
Chair: Susan Giles

Melanie Finney
Institutional Loss: Dialectical Tensions in Coping with Major Loss

Paul Voninski
Death and the Wider Shades of Meaning of ‘Bad News': Is ‘Bad News’ Always ‘Bad’ (for Everyone)?

Abir Hamdar
The Hole Beside Her Lady Zainab

Closing Words and Conference Close