Conference Programme, Abstracts and Papers

1st Global Conference


Friday 3rd July – Saturday 5th July 2009
Mansfield College, Oxford

The programme for the conference is available below. Delegates are listed according to the session in which they appear. Clicking on the Session Title will take you to the abstracts (where available) for that session. Each delegate is listed according to their affiliation.

Final Conference Programme (v.1.3g)

Friday 3rd July 2009
from 12.30

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Rob Fisher and Harry Blatterer

Session 1: Concepts and Critiques

Chair: Harry Blatterer

Jan Baars
The Meaning of Age: Cultures Meet Biology

Peter Caws and Julia Glahn
The Irrelevance of Chronological Age

Monica Payne
“Teen Brain” Science and the Contemporary Storying of Psychological (Im)maturity


Session 2: Elders and the Collectivity
Chair: Christina (Ina) Olohan

Judie C. Davies
Making Sense of Ageing: Multidisciplinary Course Modules Provide a Guide to Creating “age-friendly communities”

Juliana Mansvelt
Learning through Consumption: Placing Ageing through the Life Course

Peter Whitecross
Being Heard: Community Participation Across the Life Course

Notices and Announcements

Wine Reception


Saturday 4th July 2009
Session 3: Old Traditions, New Mores

Chair: Andrea Nicolas

Harry Blatterer
Without a Centre that Holds: Contemporary Adulthood and the Devolving Life Course

Rebecca Raby
Theorizing Liminal Adulthood and its Consequences for Youth

Eiji Gon
Light and Shadow of ‘Active and Independent Senior’: From Life History of Japanese ‘pre-elderly’


Session 4a. Wisdom and Old Age

Chair: Monica Payne

Giuliana Di Biase
Wisdom and Old Age

John-Raphael Staude
Last Works. The Late Life Creativity of Hermann Hesse and Thomas Mann

Sheila Mason
Practical Wisdom and Overall Life Satisfaction in Aging

Session 4b: Transitions to Adulthood
Chair: Harry Blatterer

Valentina Cuzzocrea and Sveva Magaraggia
Blurred Transitions: Revisiting the Significance of Work and Parenthood for Young Adults in Italy

Andrea Nicolas
Like Fathers, Like Sons: Age Staging and Generational Stumbling Blocks. The Boran Gada Experience


Session 5a: Practice and Ethics

Chair: Peter Whitecross

James V. Gambone
Together For Tomorrow: Building Community through Intergenerational Dialogue and Action

Roger Anunsen
Longevity meets Brain Wellness: Where, What & How

Bethany Morgan
Growing Up and Growing Old: Negotiating the Generational Shift in Midlife

Session 5b: Vicissitudes of Growing Old
Chair: Maria Vaccarella

Christie Chung
The Positive Effect in Old Age: Is it Real?

Judith Fadlon
A Time to Keep Silent and a Time to Speak: Past and Present in a Group for the Elderly

Claire Lacoste Kapstein
Sartorial Identity of Professional Women Over Age 60


Session 6: Ageing in Context

Chair: Eiji Gon

António M. Fonseca
Trajectories of Ageing in a South European Country: The Case of Portugal

Ravindra Kumar
The Aged in Vedic Society

Pnina Dolberg
Middle Aged Immigrants

Sessions End

Sunday 5th July 2009
Session 7: Generations in Context
Chair: Juliana Mansvelt

Tatiana Saburova
“Fathers and Sons”: The Generation Gap in the History of Imperial Russia

Chen Hee Tam
Constructing Generations in China: A Mannheimian

Chai Sen Tyng
What is Successful Ageing? The Meaning of a Good Old Age through the Lives of Older Chinese Malaysians


Session 8a: Decline and Renewal
Chair: Ranindra Kumar

Anastasia Kucharski
Dementia, Life Processes and the Experience of the Self

Johanna Wigg
Intimacy among the Socially Dead: Examining Intimacy among Institutionalized Elders with Mid to Late Stage Dementia

Barbara Flood
Re-Writing the Myth of Women and Aging

Session 8b: Ageing and Adaptation
Chair: Christie Chung

James H Cook
Higher Education in Later Life: ‘Cui Bono’?

Miwako Kidahashi
Positive Life Models After Normative Retirement Age: Toward a Typology Construction

Deirdre O’Donnell
Storied Lives: An Exploration of Life Course Narrative Identities and the Factors Linked to Happiness in Later Life


Session 9: Elders in Company

Chair: Johanna Wigg

Alexandre Maas
Human Life: A Social Collaborative Itinerary?

Christina (Ina) Olohan
Get Me To A Nunnery: A Reflection on Ageing in Two Different Cultural Contexts, The Nursing Home and the Religious Convent

Christine Stephens
Social Networks of Older People: Negotiating the Moral Landscape of Kinship and Friendship


Session 10: Contemplating Life and  Death

Chair: Peter Caws

Ian Nichols
World Without End: An Examination of Immortality in Speculative Fiction

Ian Flaherty
The Love Stories of, and the Impact of HIV/AIDS upon, Generations of Gay Men in Urban Australia and New Zealand

Development Meeting

Conference Close