The Animal and Human Bond


What is this project about?
While humans are clearly classified as part of the animal world, we have a long and sometimes questionable history of both differentiating ourselves from animals and at the same time identifying ourselves with specific animals or unique animal qualities. In this conference I wish to reflect upon the meaning of animals in our personal lives as well as our societal and cultural lives.

What are the goals?
The goal of this conference is to create contexts within which theoreticians, practitioners, skilled professionals and others can begin to engage with each other towards a deeper and broader understanding of the nature of animals and their place in the world and in our lives.

How is it interdisciplinary?
This is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary conference which seek to probe the boundaries of research in that field by:
a) Inviting researchers to explore the idea and practice of the human-animal bond/relationship and getting deeper and global understandings of this relationship.
b) Inviting scholars from many disciplines and across cultures: theoreticians, practitioners and skilled professionals.
c) Bringing together people from different areas and interests to share ideas and explore various avenues that are innovative and revealing on the topic of Animal-Human bond.

Who should get involved?
Researchers, scholars from many disciplines and across cultures and people with interest in this issue.
What outcomes are accepted?
a) Working group in the internet (to continue the grope which started at AH&B 2) ,
b) Ebook and hopefully a book.

How this field may develop in the future? Or new development in AHB:
*This list is based on the conclusions of the second conference (last July) :
a) To explore deeply the issue of anthropocentrism and anthropomorphism and multi-species ethnographies. For example: how do we look at animals? How do we look at ourselves? Can we look at animals other than humans? the need to think with animals/the impossibility of thinking without them.
b) To understand how we might have common concepts or at least appreciate where and why there might be different meanings among different practitioners/ researchers. How do we work across and within disciplines in our thinking about animals/working with animals and working on human-animal interactions ? For example: using the different concepts: human-animal interactions / relationship / bond? – How do we understand each term? What does it mean to use each term?
c) To look historically on major changes regarding the question of how do we humans see ourselves: as part of a natural world order? As distinct from and dominant? Where and how and why do we accord different species different values? How might answers to these questions impact our interpretation of nature and natural ? How might our answers affect understandings of sentience and valuing animals?
d) This project may contribute to shape some sensitive barometer in legal issues concerning human animal relationship. For example: Determines criteria for who has well-being and rights ; How do we use our own conscious and unconscious responses to justify the use of animals? Ethical eating/food politics (The slaughter of animals, the impact of animal care/harvesting on animal professionals and animal farmers a finely tuned instrument in the field of social interaction)
e) Pets and human’s well-being- Since pets became popular how do you estimate theirs impact on our life?