Suicide, Self-Harm and Assisted Dying



This research and publications project aims to bring together discussion of research and practice in three complex areas – Suicide, Self-Harm and Assisted Dying. There are ways in which these areas may interact with each other, as well as ways in which each area is theoretically and practically distinct. All of them are amenable to exploration from a wide range of perspectives, and it is this rich diversity of perspectives that we seek to bring together in what we intend to be an ongoing set of debates. This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference will include many perspectives, including those of medicine, law, ethics, psychiatry, nursing, social work, counselling, psychotherapy, philosophy, ethics, psychology, sociology, history, cultural studies, history, law, creative writing, music, art and literature.

Core Themes

The themes of ongoing dialogue will begin from these initial points of departure;

  • Suicide and Self-Harm – patterns, correlations, causes, associated risk factors, personal and societal trajectories, prevention and therapeutic interventions, settings, histories, familial and social consequences, professional responses, literary instances, and associations with creativity
  • Assisted dying or assisted suicide – explorations of the personal, legal, political, ethical and philosophical conditions and circumstances, the settings, rights and wrongs of a set of actions in which an individual helps another person voluntarily to bring about his or her own death.

As the project develops further areas of research will be added for exploration and examination.