Session 7: Suicide, Values and the Law

2nd Global Conference


Monday 31st October – Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Prague, Czech Republic

Humans Possession on His Life In Islamic & Iranian Doctrine
Nina Mohamadi and Fakhr Hosein
Faculty of Human Sciences, State University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

The aim of this article is to examine religious(Islamic) attitude of human’s possession on his life & its difference with scientific point of view such as euthanasia permission.

As Islamic doctrine humans possession on his life is not a pure possession,it is a consignment which god gives to man & the real possessor is god, so the only role of man is protecting, on the other hand according to Iranian criminal code suicide has not defiened as a crime however Islamic doctrine doesn’t accept even any harm to mans own body voluntarily or any suicide attempt.

Individualism approach gives the man strict possession on his life(to continue or cease life)

Islamic philosophers(foghaha) mentioned reasonable evidences & traditional costumes(naghli evidences) in forbiddance which insist on sanctity of life, the principal who attempts suicide (if he is alive) will punish & if he has died he would punished by god(oghoobate okhravi)

After irans Islamic revelution in1979, Iranian criminal system has been completely influenced by Islamic

Doctrine in recent 3 decades, But steel there is not any clear conviction for suicide so there is confliction between two attitudes in criminal law & constitution, first:according to criminal law: (no crime or punishment except in) the act is not crime unless it hasn’t defined as crime in criminal code‚ second:according to irans constitution (article167) in the silence of law in any especial case judge can refer to islamic sources which suicide attempt not only defined as a crime but also there is so much emphasis on convicting the principal.

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Euthanasia is Like a Legal Suicide in the International Law
Aleksandra Ponomareva
SSU, Samara, Russia

As Stanislaw Jerzy Lec sad: committed a crime – killing a man in yourself.
Unfortunately, suicide has become constantly phenomenon of the modern world. According to statistic every 8 seconds, 56 people die due to suicide in our world. Certainly, the reasons for suicide may be different: disease, broken heart, family problems and so on. Besides, we should not forget about the life conditions of that man who starts to think about suicide. That is living conditions would be given greater attention in this matter. Each state has its own rights and laws. However, social problems such as suicide makes people pay attention around the world. Here i want to speak about euthanasia. Until now-days people do not understand what is a main reason to use euthanasia. There were a lot of litigation concern with the main question: who is a killer in this situation: doctor or patient. It is difficult to fight a pain, especially if you know that only some days left to your death. From the other side, also there were enough “happy cases” when people become completely treated. Totally it depends on persons, but this design makes doctors to kill people. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland and in the US states of Washington and Oregon. Also about 14 countries use it like is the best way of solving health problems. Government of those countries gives many reasons why it should be used, but nobody thinks about the result. That is why, this problem is very important in our rapidly changing world.

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