Publishing for the Future
We see publishing as being vitally important in promoting and encouraging work which is collaborative, innovative, and imaginative. In particular, publishing is fundamental to our conference projects and provides exemplars for inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary work.

More than anything else, we are committed to the view that publishing – in its traditional as well as electronic forms – is the best means of raising awareness of the cutting-edge thinking in the projects we run: thinking that lies at the very heart of critical dialogue and debate.

Inter-disciplinary.Net has two broadly based publishing centres of activity;

  • The Inter-Disciplinary Press. Used primarily for all of our electronic publishing activities; used also for hard copy publication of edited collections.
  • Fisher Imprints. Used primarily for individual and co-authored monographs which seek to develop interdisciplinary perspectives in various ways, showing where interdisciplinary bridges can be built across and between subjects, disciplines and professions.
  • Rodopi. an adventurous and prestigious Press, equally committed to promoting inter- and multi-disciplinary research. Rodopi publish the At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries series of books which originate from and support the work of Inter-Disciplinary.Net conference projects.
  • Journals. An exciting possibility to invite interdisciplinary dialogue and broaden the discussions.

We are always interested in talking with people who have ideas for publishing projects or manuscripts relevant to the broad brief of Inter-Disciplinary.Net’s work. If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. But please remember – we only publish manuscripts which contain work that is broadly inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary in nature.