Fisher Imprints


Fisher Imprints is a sub-division of the Inter-Disciplinary Press. Launched at the end of 2008, the series aims to publish books (both single- and co-authored) which demonstrate an interdisciplinary orientation in various ways, thus exemplifying the intellectual promise of such an approach. Manuscripts published with Fisher Imprints display innovation and imagination in research and writing, and signpost areas for new ways of thought in both individual and collaborative efforts.

Our publications are invitations to re-vision the world. In doing so, they offer new opportunities and possibilities for seeing one’s own territory again through fresh eyes, for voyages of discovery into new areas and methodologies in the humanities and social sciences, and for producing novel forms of literature within our orbit. Fisher Imprints is committed to interdisciplinary ways of inquiry and the pursuit of excellence in scholarship and writing. We hope to draw new partners into this dialogue and conversation.

Ours is a modest enterprise, but we travel hopefully and with good intentions.

Submissions for monographs are cordially invited. For further details and submissions, please contact Dr Rob Fisher.