ID Press


The Inter-Disciplinary Press aims to promote and encourage the kind of work which is collaborative, innovative, imaginative, and which provides an exemplar for inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary publishing. The purpose of the Press is to foster and encourage collaborative volumes which generate and drive interdisciplinary research and conversations forward. Volumes published by the Press are consequently co-authored or edited collections; the focus is firmly on developing dialogical models of publishing whereby internally the chapters interact with each other and externally frame an agenda for inviting others to join the conversation.

We do not believe that a publication is or should ever be a ‘one-off’ or ‘stand alone’ event; such a publication is ultimately self-defeating of any educational process. Rather we see publications as part of a continuing project and process of events where a book acts as a resource to drive the project and the process forward. Our publications are therefore tightly integrated into direction and thrust of a project.

The Press has been an electronic publisher since 2003, and is now launching as a hard copy publisher in 2009. Volumes appearing in the catalogue share a symbiotic relationship with the projects being run by Inter-Disciplinary.Net: not only do the volumes show case cutting edge thinking coming through the work of the projects, they also consolidate the reseach being undertaken whilst at the same time becoming the foundations for the next stage of research and contemplation. Books are a dynamic tool for stimulating interdisciplinarity and help sustain and grow communities of dialogue. To see currently available titles please go to  InterDisciplinaryPress.Net

The Press warmly encourages new partners in interdisciplinary dialogue. If you have an idea for a volume, please do not hesitate to contact us.