Environmental Law, Ethics and Governance

9781848880344-1Environmental Law, Ethics and Governance


edited by
Erika Techera.

ISBN: 978-1-84888-034-4

273 pages



Environmental Law, Ethics and Governance draws attention to the necessity for inter-disciplinarity research focused on achieving good environmental governance, be it of a physical area, an environmental problem or a natural resource. Law and ethics each have an important role to play in this regard and the chapters in this volume consider these issues from a number of different perspectives. Included in this book is the academic research and professional experiences of a diversity of authors, including those engaged in research into substantive governance issues; which arise at all levels from the global to the local. The case studies explored in this book provide excellent examples from across this range. In addition, contributions are included from those involved in process and procedural matters, including the complex issues of how new law ought to be drafted, the implementation of that law and environmental legal education. This volume is both thought provoking and instructive and aims to inspire further research regarding the ethical dimensions of environmental law and legal governance. It is clear that these topics remain of great significance if law and policy is to be effective and therefore this volume is a valuable and timely contribution to the discourse in this area.


Erika Techera

PART I:  Contemporary Issues in Environmental Law

Environmental Ethics is the Key to Sustainability in Contemporary Society
Harriet Nalukenge  

Investing the Law with an Environmental Ethic:  Using an Environmental Justice Theory for Change
Brad Jessup  

Teaching Environmental Law in the 21st Century
Erika Techera

PART II:   International Environmental Governance

Antarctica: The Ticking Clock
Jane Verbitsky

The Role of Human Rights in Environmental Governance: The Challenge of Climate Change
Bridget Lewis

PART III: Perspectives on Domestic Regulation

Rural Landholders in Queensland Australia and the Politics of Environmental Law
Jo Kehoe

Climate Change Construction and Environmental Accountability
Francine Baker

About the Editor

Erika Techera, PhD., is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for International and Environmental Law, School of Law, Macquarie University, Australia. Erika teaches and researches in a range of international and comparative environmental law areas. Her previous experience includes seven years practice as a Barrister in Sydney.