Against Doing Nothing

Against Doing Nothing: Evil and Its Manifestations
Edited by Shilinka Smith and Shona Hill

ISBN:  978-1-904710-63-9

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Shilinka Smith and Shona Hill

Christ the Barber: Hair as Virtue and Vice in Paulinus of Nola
Stephen Morris

Blaming Daddy: The Portrayal of the Evil Father in Popular Culture
Jason Bainbridge

Kant’s Concept of Radical Evil
Hsuan Huang

Spinoza on Evil and Punishment
Julio César Díaz

Evil to Prevent Evil: The Ethics of Torture
Dónal P. O’Mathúna

Towards a Post-Global Community
Nancy Billias

Shame as a Source of Evil and Barrier to Healing
Erin Vallicelli

Evil Character and Evil Actions
William Andrew Myers

The Grey Zone: A Comparison Between Autobiography and Fiction
Bettine Siertsema

Narrative Discourse and the Evil Perspective: Must We Always Listen to Both Sides of the Story?
Stephen B. Hawkins

Divide and Conquer: An Exposition of Lonergan’s Two-Fold Approach to Evil
Timothy Burns

God is Good, Evil Exists: An ‘Ecumenical’ Monotheistic Interpretation
Charlene Burns

Vaseline on the Lens: Contemporary Representations of the Holocaust in Children’s Literature
Sue Page

Toying with Auschwitz
Lisa Herman

In the Name of Love? A Round-table Discussionon Some Literary Justifications for Sacrifice
Isabel Mª Andrés-Cuevas, Margarita Carretero-González and Laura Torres-Zúñiga

Human Freedom as an Act and a Choice of Good and Evil
Senka Suman

Evil, Good and Praxis in Liberation Theology and The Theatre of the Oppressed
Richard J. Piatt

Historians and the Concept of Evil: Adjective or Noun?
Robert W. Butler

Cordwainer Smith’s Cruelty and Madness: Jacques Lacan on a Planetary and Universal Scale
Paweł Stachura

‘Fighting Crime and the Forces of Evil’: Cartoons, Ideology and The Powerpuff Girls
Ewan Kirkland