At War for Peace

At War for Peace
edited by Mohammadbagher Forough

ISBN:  978-1-84888-035-1

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Mohammadbagher Forough

PART I   War and Peace

The Changing Character of Military Labour and Its Effects on Public Life
Mark Balawender

Blurring of the Lines? The Merging of Civil-Military Responses in Conflict Scenarios: Afghanistan and Beyond
Corin Chater

Holy Peace and Holy War 
Nevin Climenhaga

The Myth of the Hundred Years Peace: War in the Nineteenth Century
Eric Royal Lybeck

Peacekeeping without Banisters: The Need For New Practices That Go Beyond Just War Theory
Anya Topolski

PART II  War and Terrorism

On the Dangers of Innocents – or, Whose Suffering Shall we Value?
Emília Brodencová

EU Counter-Terrorism Policy: Security vs. Justice? 
Oldřich Bureš

Global Society must be Defended: War is On!
Teresa Degenhardt

Blurring the Line Between War and Peace: The United States and Al Qaeda in the Global War on Terrorism
Sean N. Kalic

Income-Based Distribution of Terrorism
Piotr Lis

Defining Two Categories of Non-State Actors: Do We Need to Gain more Control over Them to Prevent Specific Threats or is it against the Basic Pillars of Democracy?
Radana Makariusová

PART III  War, Media, Communications

The Informational War against Terrorism: NewOpportunities and New Risks (German Experience) 
Darya Bazarkina

Art as Infiltration: Drawing the Military-Industrial Complex
Jill Gibbon

Information Warfare as a Part of Communication Management in Contemporary Russia
Evgeny N. Pashentsev

Peace and War: Communicating Total Spectrum Dominance
Vladimir Suchan

Communicative Aspect of the Activities of the British Intelligence Service (MI-6) Nowadays
Svetlana V. Zudochkina