Best Served Cold

Best Served Cold: Studies on Revenge
Edited by Sheila C. Bibb & Daniel Escandell Montiel

ISBN: 978-1-84888-043-6

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Sheila C. Bibb & Daniel Escandell Montiel

PART I Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

Aristotle on the Purpose of Revenge
Krissana M. Scheiter

Dead before Breakfast: The English Gentleman and Honour Affronted
Stephen Banks

The Anthropology of Revenge, Ancestral Wrath: A Modern Day Dilemma?
Sheila C. Bibb

‘If you don’t come to me, I’ll come to you’: Primal Injury and Revenge in the Ghost Stories of M.R. James
Terry Scarborough

PART II Literature and Poe-Tic Revenge

The Mixed-Blood Settles Scores: The Question of Racial Justice in Georges by Alexandre Dumas
Claudie Bernard

Analysing Darker Motives of Delving Robert Browning’s ‘Poetry of Revenge’
Paula Guimarães

The Servant as an Agent of Retributive and Restorative Justice in Wuthering Heights
Esra Melikoğlu

A Self-Destructive Path to Dead End: An Exploration on Revenge in Wuthering Heights
Kuo-Ping Claudia Tai

Montresor and Hop-Frog Strike Back: Poe’s Never-Ending Poetics of Revenge
Marta Miquel-Baldellou

PART III Revenge in the Arts and around the Globe

The Involuntary Casualties of Revenge in Alan Ayckbourn’s The Revengers’ Comedies
Iwona Bojarska

Revenge, American Cinema, and Framing the Decade of the 1970s
William Gombash, III

Maternal Revenge and Redemption in Postfeminist Rape-Revenge Cinema
Claire Henry

Revenge as Cultural Catharsis in Moya Henderson’s Opera Lindy
Timothy McKenry

PART IV Various Perspectives on Revenge

The Writer Seeking Vengeance: Blognovelism and Its Relationship with Literary Critics
Daniel Escandell Montiel

Treatment of Vengeance in Ferdowsi’s The Shahnameh: Book of Kings
Leyli Jamali

Unlikely Heroines: Self-Destructive Sexuality and Narrative Identity-Building in the Fiction of Joyce Carol Oates
Jenaeth Markaj

Experiences of Revenge as Reflected in the Contemporary Pashto Short Story
Anders Widmark