Beyond Textual Literacy

Beyond Textual Literacy: Visual Literacy for Creative & Critical Inquiry
Edited by Mary A. Drinkwater

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This volume contains chapters derived from papers presented at the 3rd Global Conference on Visual Literacies: Exploring Critical Issues held in Oxford, UK, July 14th through the 16th, 2009.


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Key Words: Visual literacy, visual, literacy, pedagogy, learning, arts, graphic learning, words, photographs, art and learning, case studies with children.


Mary A. Drinkwater

PART 1 Places, Persons and Processes

Children’s Responses to Visual Images: Preferences, Functions and Origins
Andri Savva

Regarding Preservation of Nuance: Visual Literacy in the Perception of the Human Body
Jeanine Breaker

Reading the Visual: Language, Body & Space
Mark Andrew Thorsby

Pictures and Graphics: The Perception of Architecture
Thomas Forget

PART II: Across Visual Lines

Reading the Contemporary Picture Book: Negotiating Change
Beverley Croker

The Paratextual and Precursory Voices of Twilight
Phil Fitzsimmons, Edie Lanphar and Jess Sanford

Thinking and Talking to Alice: An Antipodean Adventure
Kerrie McCaw

PART III: Outsider and Insider Visions

The Inner Eye and the Outer Space: Planetaria as Schools for Visual Literacy
Boris Goesl

Critical Democratic Pedagogy through the Arts: Within a Culture of Democracy in Ontario Secondary Schools
Mary A. Drinkwater

PART IV: Places of Seeing and Being

Architectural Analysis Portfolio: Drawn Knowledge A Case Study in Embodied Learning
Amanda Hufford

PART V: Creating Culture and Consciousness

‘This looks like a hat; I don’t know what it is’: Investigating Pictorial Literacy in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Katherine Arbuckle

ABC Milwaukee: The Visual Culture Literacies of Growing up Urban
Laura Trafí-Prats

The Visual and Social Semiotics of Toilet Signs in Greece
Sofia Pantouvaki

PART VI: Seeing Across Even More Divides

How the Gossip Industry Enjoys Visual Literary
Leila Tafreshi Motlagh

Chorography: Reflections on Its Place in Visual Literacy and Creative Arts
Jill O’Sullivan

PART VII: Defining, Refining and Realigning

The Interplay of Visual Literacy, New Media Technology and Teaching Approaches
Monika Raesch

PART VIII: Discourses, Definitions and Delights

Celluloid Obsessions: Visual Literacy in the Films of Martin Scorsese
José Gabriel Ferreras Rodríguez

The Comfort of Standing Next to Walls: Reading the Ill-Literacies in Unica Zürn’s Texts and Images
Esra Plumer

Screening Subjectivity: A Narrative Analysis of Learning Visual Literacies
Montserrat Rifà-Valls

PART IX: Icons, Inquiry and Intersections

A Plain Language Guide to Multimodal Literacy
Rick Instrell

Visualising Inquiry
Tracey Bowen & Penny Kinnear

PART X: Choosing and Chasing a New View

Gender and Critical Visual Literacy: Media Monitoring Projects and the Case of Turkey
Emek Çaylı Rahte

PART XI: Places of Being and Seeing

Moral Education and Visual Literacy
Yael Krimerman-Naveh

Comics in Education: Advocating Visual Literacy: Reinforcing Intercultural Discourse
Evangelia Moula

PART XII: Reading Frames and Fractures

Visual Literacy in Film: Teaching First-Year Undergraduates How to Read Film using In-Class and Web-Based Materials
G. S. Larke-Walsh

Reading between the Lines: Visual Literacy and Film
Faye Ran

Screen Literacy: Its Social, Cultural and Educational Implications and Applications
Jane Mills

About the Editor

Mary A. (Edgeworth) Drinkwater is a PhD candidate in Theory and Policy Studies, Educational Administration at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto, Canada.