Beyond the Global Village

Beyond the Global Village: Environmental Challenges Inspiring Global Citizenship
edited by Rafaela Hillerbrand and Rasmus Karlsson

ISBN: 978-1-904710-50-9

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R. Hillerbrand and R.Karlsson

First Part
Environmetal Dilemmas or How to Avoid Buridan’sDonkey

I Environmental versus Economic Values
Environmental Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
V.Castán Broto, C.Carter and L.Elghali

Understanding Rural Community Conflict
S. E. Dawson, G.E.Madsen, J. C. Allen and C.-Y.Chang

The Market of GM
N. Dospinescu

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Ethics
V. S. Malik and R. Santhalia

II Tensions within Environmental Values
Cape Wind: A Case Study
J. C. Berg

Exacerbation of Childhood Asthma
M. E.Richmond

III How to Resolve these Tensions
Adaptations to Environmental Sustainability
E. Anderson

Customary Law and Community Based Conservation in Fiji

The Legacy of Land Tenure in Queensland
J. Kehoe

Compensation, Climate Change and Duties between States
J. Burch Brown

Advanced Technology Paths to Intergenerational Justice

Second Part
Towards an Informed Citizenship
I Foundations

Ecocomposition Pedagogy
M. Stroud

Authentic Places, Local Identity and Environmental Discourses
C. Certomà

Environmental Ethics: Core Concepts and Values
M. H. Dixon

Dianoetic Virtues in Addressing Genetic Engineering
Rafaela C.Hillerbrand

II Merits and Drawbacks of Top-Down Approaches
Sustainability in Higher Education

The role of Psychology in the Response to Global Warming
J. Thakker

Building Citizenship on Environmental Local Problems
F. Medardo Tapia Uribe

Environmental Awareness Education
S. Shanmuganathan, M. Cassim and K. Ukita

Reporting Sustainable Development
F.Mauleon and M.McKinley

Can the Peasantry Decide?

III Merits and Drawbacks of Bottom-Up Approaches
Fundamental Environmental Rights in EU Law
S. de Abreu Ferreira

Valuating Traditional Knowledge
M. L. Middleton

Community for Sustainability
L. Middlemiss

Science Versus Society?
L. Hadfield