Bullying and the Abuse of Power

Bullying and the Abuse of Power
edited by Kristof K. P. Vanhoutte & Melanie Lang

ISBN: 978-1-84888-045-0
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Kristof K. P. Vanhoutte, Gavin Fairbairn & Melanie Lang

Part 1: The Source of Bullying

Sovereign Authority or Leviathan Bully? Kojève on Distinguishing the Use and Abuse of Power
Murray S.Y. Bessette

Bullying: The Root and Branch of Oppression
David R. Hufton

Part 2: Bystanders in Bullying

Sin of Omission: The Behaviour of Bystanders from a Game Theoretical Perspective
Agata Komendant-Brodowska

Cyber-Bullying: Exploring the Audience
Sue Robinson & Suky Macpherson

Part 3: Bullying in Educational Contexts

The (Bad) Example of the University
Kristof K.P. Vanhoutte

The Rage to Control: A Comparative Approach to Bullying as a Symptom of Inoperative Communities
Evy Varsamopoulou

Intensive Training in Youth Sports: A New Abuse of Power?
Melanie Lang

Suicide and Bullying
Gavin Fairbairn

Part 4: Cultural Perspectives

Violence and Intimidation in Street-Level Drugs Trading
David Frances

Bullying Japanese Style
Jerry Cusumano

Greek Students’ Perception of School Bullying: The Profiles of Victims and Perpetrators
Vassiliki Kalati, Anastasia Psalti & Vassiliki Deliyianni-Kouimtzi

The Perception of Postgraduate Students Regarding Workplace Bullying
Christoff Botha, Mariëtta Basson & Jan du Plessis

Part 5: Bullying at an International Level

The Repercussions of US Coercion on Turkish Foreign Policy in Two Case Studies: The Johnson Letter of 5 June 1964 and the Troop Deployment
Proposal of 1 March 2003
Sarp Balci

The Abuse Clause in International Human Rights Law: An Expedient Remedy against Abuse of Power or an Instrument of Abuse Itself?
Hannes Cannie & Dirk Voorhoof