Challenging Evil

Challenging Evil: Time, Society and Changing Concepts of the Meaning of Evil
edited by Johannes Schlegel & Brita Hansen

ISBN:  978-1-84888-026-9

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Johannes Schelegel & Brita Hansen

PART 1 Contemporary Political and Legal Challenges of Evil

Cruelties Well Used? Machiavelli and the Contemporary Debate over Torture
William Andrew Myers

Evil, Toxic and Pathological Categories of Leadership: Implications for Political Power
William W. Bostock

Spreading the Word: Evangelism and the Posturing of Evil
George Catsi

Shifting Political Discourses of Israeli Officials toward the Palestinian Authority within the Boundaries of Economy Politics
Ali Kemal Yenidunya

Criminal Legal Confrontation with Evil in Cases of Sexually Abused Children
Dalida Rittossa

PART 2:  Challenging Evil and Philosophy

Aristotle’s Conscious Evil Typology
Manuel Oriol-Salgado

Evil, Freedom and the Heaven Dilemma
Simon Cushing

PART 3:   Literary Imaginations of Evil

 The Voice of the Devil: Milton, Blake and the Mediality of Evil
Johannes Schlegel

The Concept of Evil in H.G. Wells’ Novel The Island of Dr. Moreau
Cem Orhan

An Archetypal Evil: A Passage to India
Cumhur Yilmaz Madran

From Oral Folk Tale Tradition to Fairy Tales and Their Representations in the Postmodern Novel: Once Upon a Time where Evil Resides
Seyda Inceoglu

Embracing the Unknowable: Suffering and Death in J.M.Coetzee’s Age of Iron
Marek Pawlicki

Voldemort & Co.: Immortality and Immorality in the Harry Potter Series
Katarzyna Malecka

Confronting Evil in Harry Potter
Dana Lori Chalmers

PART 4:  Multimedia Forms of Evil

Are Evil Phantasies Dangerous?
Brita Hansen

It’s Hard to Be Evil: Good, Evil, and Moral Clarity in Video Games
Cynthis Yans Mayer & Robert R. Mayer

Ataman Struk Has His Photograph Taken: Testimony and Portraiture in the Russian Civil War Period
Anne Brennan

PART 5:   Representations of Evil in Art/History

Defining and Confronting Evil in the Sources of the Crusades
Sini Kangas

Abu Ghraib Enhanced Interrogation: The Iconography of Evil
Diane P. Coffey

Minimalism’s Böse Orte
Konstantinos Ioannidis

PART 6:  Evil and the Curriculum

Evil to the CORE: Questions of Evil in an Interdisciplinary General Education Curriculum 
Robert Mayer, Charles Bashaw & Jennifer Vincent

Understanding the Concept of Evil: An Emic and Multimodal Perspective
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar