Connected Accountabilities

Connected Accountabilities: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship
Edited by Sivaram Vemuri

ISBN: 978-1-84888-014-6

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Silvaram Vemuri

Significance of Connectedness for Environmental Justice and Participation                                        
Sivaram Vemuri                                                                                                    

The Value of Nature: A Holistic Perception                                        
Arvind Jasrotia

The Concept of Ecological Debt: An Environmental Justice Approach to Sustainability, Calling for Radical Transitions in Industrialised Countries  
Gert Goeminne and Erik Paredis                                                                     

The Agrofuel Debate: Conflicts between Diverse Environmentalisms                                                          
Klemens Laschefski                                                                                                     

Public Consultations and Democracy: The Case of GMOs in the EU                                                   
Marko Ahteensuu                                                                                                       

Environmental Information, Participation and Citizen Activity: Case Studies from Poland and the UK   
Radoslaw Stech                                                                                                 

NGO Participation in Investment Treaty Arbitration                          
Tomoko Ishikawa

Legal Frameworks to Support Community-based Natural Resource Management                                      
Erika J Techera 

From Margins to Margins: Cultural Integrity, Ecological Survival, and Future Transcripts in the Historical Home-Based Health Narratives of Nova Scotia and West Virginia                 
Deborah Stiles     

Relevance of Labelling Localised Products in Southern Countries: A Case Study of Dried Shellfish in Saloum Delta Biosphere Reserve (Senegal)                                                                              
Omar Sarr        

Developmental Projects and Violence in Rural Brazil: The Case of Hydroelectric Dams                     
Andréa Zhouri and Raquel Oliveira 

Mechanisms for Achieving Environmental Justice in Darfur                         
Seisei Tatebe-Goddu