Considering Evil and Human Wickedness

Considering Evil and Human Wickedness
edited by Daniel E Keen & Pamela Rossi Keen

ISBN: 1-904710-02-6

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Table of Contents


The Evil that Men do…
– Gloria Cigman

The Hardboiled Detective as Moralist: Ethics in Crime Fiction
— Sandrine Berges

The Discourse of Good and Evil in Twentieth-Century Speeches
— Encarnación Hidalgo Tenorio

The Banality of Evil in an Age of Terrorism
— William Andrew Myers

Bali: Cashing in on Human Interest
Terrie Waddell

Words Beyond Evil: Nazi German
— Karin Doerr

Jean Améry: Evil and the Language of Loss
— Alan Udoff

Peering Through the Window: Divergent Treatments of Evil in the Works of Olivier Messiaen and Georges Rouault
— Pamela Rossi Keen

And the Just Man Rages in the Wilds: William Blake’s Journey Beyond Good and Evil in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Russell Prather

The Evil of Colonialism: The Rehoboth Baster uprising in German South-West Africa (Namibia) during the First World War, 1914-1915
G.J.J. Oosthuizen

The Jedwabne Massacre Coverage: Poland ’s Debate with the World over Choice and Responsibility
— Robin A. Larsen.

… nothing is / But what it is not: A South African adaptation of Macbeth
— Ashraf Jamal

Metaphysical Evil
Susan Robbins

The Limitations of Leibniz’s Theodicy
— Daniel E. Keen

The Prince of the Powers of the Air: An Examination of Anthony Burgess’ Earthly Powers with Respect to Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan
— Anthony Levings

Evil and Fides Quaerens Intellectum
— Dániel Deme

Yearning for Justice and Mercy: Visions of Hells in the Nineteenth-Century Chinese Pao-chüan
— Hsiao-Lan Hu & Theresa Yeh

Mad, Bad or Difficult? Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret and the Enigma of Femininity
— Fiona Peters

Demystifying the Wickedness of Women: The Femme Fatale in Katherine Mansfield
— Gerardo Rodríguez Salas

Heathcliff Conceptualized as Evil
— Ayten Coskunoglu Bear

The Great Divide: Blurring the Line Between Good and Evil in Wuthering Heights
— Ana Rojas

A Psychological and Literary Paradigm of Group Evil: Max Frisch’s Andorra
— Vera B. Profit

Heroes and Monsters: The Politics of Survival in Spider-man and “A Long Line of Vendidas
— Margaret Sönser Breen

Blackness as Evil in America : The Justification of “Racial” Subjugation
— Joy Claire Bracewell

Punishing Evil: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on the Specter of Prisoners in the Popular Imagination
— Jody Lewen

Why Punish War Criminals? Victors’ Justice and Expressive Justifications of Punishment
— Bill Wringe

Dramatising Evil and Human Wickedness for the Nigerian Audience
— Oluyinka Esan

“ZOMBI-FICTION”: Voodoo Myth-Representations in Pop Culture, Politics and Haitian Emigrant Literature
– Madelaine Hron

Anthropology and Moral Judgment: Kant and Nietzsche on Human Evil
— Tom Bailey

The Mystery and the Misery of Freedom; or “Man is by Nature Evil”
— Evgenia V. Cherkasova

Can We Choose Evil? A Discussion of the Problem of Radical Evil as a Modern and Ancient Problem of Freedom
— Mark Coeckelbergh

When Nature Responds to Evil Practices: A Warning from the Ents of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth
— Marga