Creating Humanity, Discovering Monstrosity

Creating Humanity, Discovering Monstrosity: Myths & Metaphors of Enduring Evil
edited by Elizabeth Nelson with Jillian Burcar and Hannah Priest

ISBN: 978-1-904710-95-0
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Elizabeth Nelson 

Section 1 Yesterday’s Monster’s Impact on Today

Witiko Possession & Starvation Cannibalism among  the James Bay Cree: Monstrosity or Madness?
Cecil Chabot

Monstrous Murderers: Historical Execution Narratives  
Shilinka Smith and Shona Hill

Beyond Frankenstein: Science Fiction and Biotechnology 
Nubia Bento Rodrigues

Monstrosity in 17th Century German Theosophy: The Case of Jacob Boehme
Filips Defoort

Features of the Monsters in Adriaen Coenen’s 16th Century  Manuscripts Visboec and Walvisboec: A Local History of Unthought
Piet Swanepoel

Exhuming Monsters: Historical Archaeology and the Monstrous
C. Riley Augé

Section 2:  Women Gone Monstrous

Flowing Subjectivities: Vampires, Femininity and Jouissance
Anna Chromik-Krzykawska

Fragmented Fetishes: Monstrosity and Desire in Women’s Contemporary Time-Based Art
Jenny Keane

Sphinxes, Witches and Little Girls: Reconsidering the Monster in the Art of Leonooor Fini
Rachel Grew

Monstrous Mother or Victim? The Figure of La Llorona 
Cristina Santos

An Investigation into Development of the Traditional Japanese Female Vengeance Ghost from Ancient Myth to Modern Day Cinema Production
Emma Newbery

Section 3: (In)Human Monsters – Monstrous (In)Humanity

Am I the Monster or Are You? 
Tamara El-Hoss

Masked Monster: Argentinean Reality under Dictatorship 
Adriana Spahr

Who are the Real Barbarians at the Gate? The Sensationalism of the Mexican Narco
Tracy Crowe-Morey
Monster or Messiah? Tortured Werewolf and Forgiving Stock 
Michelle Aslett

Sympathising with a Monster: An Exploration of the Abject Human Monster in Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory
Alexis de Coning

‘In me More than Myself’: The Monstrous as a Site of Fear   and Desire in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and The Erl-King
Ana María Losada Pérez

Monster or Clown, Bad or Crazy: Who can Tell the Difference? 
Chris Richardson

Section 4: Victorian Monstrosities

Beautiful Monsters: Cosmeticised Women in the Late Victorian Period
Ji Won Chung

Triggering Time’s Trapdoor  
Keira McKenzie

Monsters, Morality and Religion 
Helen Sutherland

Section 5: How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

Monstrous Desire: Love, Death and the Vampire Marriage 
Elizabeth Nelson

Fairy Lovers and the Threat of Permanence  
Hannah Priest

‘Would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?’:  Abstinence and Impotence of Male Vampires in Contemporary Fiction and Television
Carys Crossen

Twilight and the Half-Dead Infant Monster 
Cindy Smith

Section 6: Monsters around the World

The Enormous Crocodile: The Horrific Hope of a Walking  Handbag
Amena S. Hassan 
The Enduring Battle of Good vs. Evil in Comic Books  
Marianna Missiou

The Socio-Cultural Role of the Monster Image in Ndorobo Folklore
Shelley Ashdown

Caliban’s Eternal Return: Crazy Moncada in the Shadows of J. M. Arguedas’s Peruvian Inferno
Lucas Izquierdo 
A Different Monstrosity: A Case Study on Journey to the West
Yee Man Lam

The Monstrous Madness of Koert Spies in Eben Vintner’s Horrelpoot
Isle Carla Groenewald

Re-viewing the Ogre and the Possibility of Reconciliation in The Inheritors  by William Golding
Mustafa Zeki Çıraklı

Section 7: Media and the Monstrous  

Pale Skinned Primate: Constructions of the Human and the Monstrous in Images on and about Jane Goodall
Laura K. Davis

Monstrous Newspapers: The Actual German Struggle with the Printed Heritage of the Third Reich
Peter Mario Kreuter

Mediating the Monstrous: The Nethari Case and Aarushi-Hemraj Murder Case
Sannam Khanna & Susan Thomas

The (Not-So) Scary Monster: The Crisis Rhetoric of the WHO and the American CDC
Marlin Bates, IV

Section 8: Lights! Camera! Action!

Atomic Age Monsters: Radioactivity and Horror during the Early Cold War
John Donovan

Death is Only the Beginning: George A. Romero’s Model of the Zombie and Its Threat to Identity
Kevan A. Feshami

Living Appendages of the Machine: Reproducing Sex and Gender in Cyborg and Zombie Narratives, from Battlestar Galactica to The Walking Dead
Jillian Burcar

(Disciplining) The Savage Inside: Sexuality and Monstrosity in For Love Alone
Ann-Marie Cook

Freddy’s Glove: Symbolising the Monster in the Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Liz Dixon

Monsters and Monstrous Acts: Exploring the Shadow  Archetype in Batman: The Dark Knight
Zelda G. Knight

The Aesthetic Simulation of Murder in Dexterland 
Lee Baxter

Coffee, Tea or Monster? The Monster in Classic and Contemporary Warner Bros. Animation
Tiffany L. Knoell