Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children

Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children
edited by Daniel Shepherd

ISBN: 1-904710-31-X

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Daniel Shepherd

Part 1: Creativity, Engagement and Education

Creative Engagement: Where Teaching and Learning Meet
Sharon Lee

“Creativity in its broadest sense” and its Role in the Education of Children with Severe Disabilities – A Case Study
Lefkothea Kartasidou

Human Centred Education
Deborah Whitford

Part 2: Engagement with People, Process and Problematic Thought
From Socrates to Lipman: Making Philosophy Relevant
Gilbert Burgh

Part 3: Engagement and Inquiry
Creative, Critical and Caring Engagements: Philosophy through Inquiry
Sarah Davey

Part 4: Engagement, Language, Thinking
Creative Activities in the Greek English Foreign Language Classroom
Pericles Tangas

Part 5: Engagement and Intelligence
Developing Cooperative Contexts for Creativity
Lynda Baloche

Creativity and Engagement in Visual Art Education: A Permanent Comparison between the Obtained and the Deserved
Beatriz Cerkez & Tonka Tacol

Part 6: Engagement and Play
Sibling Teaching in the Context of Play
Maureen Mweru

Embracing the Child at Play
Daniel Shepherd

The Impact of Philosophy for Children in a High School English Class
Chad Miller

Part 7: Engagement with the Writing, Reading and Thinking Process
Learning to Write Right Before School: The Conditions of Natural Learning that Lead to Engagement with Process, Product and People
Phil Fitzsimmons

Deep Education: Perception as Educational Response
Stephanie Burdick

Part 8: Engagement with Space, Place and Case
Spending Time Writing Rhymes: Representations of Schooling, Writing, and the Teenage Experience in Rap
Susan Weinstein

A Virtual Character for Face to Face Interaction with Children in E-learning
Roya Foroughi

Part 9: Philosophy and Children
Learning Philosophical Dialogue in Preschool
Marie-France Daniel

Narrating the Reasons Why
Valentina Martini