Creativity and the Child

Creativity and the Child: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
edited by Wendy C. Turgeon

ISBN:  978-1-84888-006-1

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Wendy C.  Turgeon

PART I Defining the Child/Adult Dyad
Metamorphosis:  The Becoming of the Child: A Critical View of the Interdependent Conceptual Relationship of Childhood and Adulthood in Light of Kafka’s Metamorphosis
Thomas J.J. Storme

A Sociological Deconstruction of Childhood for Justice
Chi-Ming Lam

Deliberative Democracy and the Improvement of Children’s Rational Thinking
Laurent Dessberg

PART II  Critical Thinking and Creativity
Critical thinking and the Problem of Tolerance
Roy van den Brink-Budgen

The Double Bind of Narrative Engagement with Children
Amir Ali Nojoumian

Using Dialogue in the Philosophy for Children Classroom To Promote Assessment for Learning
Florence Ching Ting Lee

Thought Experiment and Change of Perspective: Stimulating Creative Critical Thinking
Gabriele Münnix

PART III  Teachers in the Schools: Models of Creativity and Caring
Re-educating Creativity in Students: Building Creativity Skills and Confidence in Pre-service and Practicing Elementary School Teachers
Vicky Anderson-Patton

Emotional Distance and Emotional Integrity as Linkage to Creative Practice
Phil Fitzsimmons, Edie Lanphar, and Jess Sanford

Opening the Dialogue: An Exploration of Learning Stories as a Tool for Documenting Play and Learning
Cathie Harrison

Novel and Engaging versus Boring and Stagnating: How do Pupils and Teachers Perceive the State of Creativity in Secondary Schools?
Sarah Turner

PART IV Arts and Creativity: The Classroom and Beyond
Once Upon a Time, There was Me: Constructing and Deconstructing Narratives to Make and Remake Knowledge, Worlds and Future
Alexandra Antonopoulou

Creative Engagement as a Tool for Social Mobilization and Development in Nigeria
Josephine Mokwunyei

Storycomposing-an interactive and Creative Way to Express One’s Own Musical Inventions
Hanna Hakomäki

Festival and Festival Outreach as a Model for Children’s Creative Engagement
Rebecca Bartlett

Culturia: Intercultural Learning by Designing Games
Timo Göettel

PART V Well Being and the Child-Creative Ways of Connecting
The Voices of Children on Their Own Experiences of Well Being
Luidina Mortari and Valentina Mazzoni

Experiments in Living
Robert Jack

What a Hospital Should Be
Judy Rollins

PART VI Children and Nature-Encountering the Physicality of Being
Children’s Self-Assessments of Play in Connection with the Philosophy Of Physical Being (Leiblickheit)
Eva Marsal and Takara Dobashi

PhiNa: Aspects of Creative Philosophizing with Children About Nature
Anna Hausberg and Kristina Calvert

The Child and Nature: Dogs, Bogs and Honeysuckle
Wendy C. Turgeon