Culture, Politics, Ethics

Culture, Politics, Ethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
edited by Scott H. Boyd, Ana Cristina Gil and Baldwin Wong

ISBN: 978-1-904710-90-5

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Scott H. Boyd, Ana Cristina Gil, and Baldwin Wong

Part I: Culture, Representation, Politics
Baltimore as World and Representation: The Wire and the Dispossession of the American City
Jeff Kinkle and Alberto Toscano

Camping Queens: Humour as Social Critique in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Ann-Marie Cook

Part II: Ethics, Politics, Thinking
How an Autonomic ‘Episteme’ Can Explain Ethical Contradictions in Cultural Works and Systems of the U.S.
Scott H. Boyd

The Ethics of the Playing Subject
Tim Stott

Thinking Difference: Nietzsche and Adorno on the Ethics of Thinking
Paolo A. Bolanos

Part III: Aesthetics, Culture, Politics
The Tripartite Relationship between Ideology, the Architectural Avant-garde and Capitalism: Rethinking the Discourse of Manfredo Tafuri
Zeynep Tuna Ultav

Politicisation of Form in Western Art in the 20th Century: Figuration versus Abstraction
Tuuli Lähdesmäki

The Social Ethics of Modern Aesthetics
Pilar Damião de Medeiros

Ideology in Media Language: Hegemonic Discourse or Multiple Discourses?
Ewa Glapka

Part IV: Culture, Politics, and Memory
Ethics of Commemoration: Religious Sentiment in Secular Society
Yuki Miyamoto

Part V: Culture, Representation and Identities
Cultural Identity and Globalization
Ana Cristina Gil

Youth, Identity, and Popular Culture: Local Taiwanese Popular Culture And the Meaning Behind the Performance
Ching-Yu Lin

Part VI: Cultural Work and Dis/enchantment
Affective Listening
Michelle Duffy

Making Water Public
Emily Potter

Beyond Celebration: Australian Indigenous Festivals, Politics and Ethics
Lisa Slater

Part VII: Cultural Work and Dis/enchantment
Actuvirtualized Activity and Passivity in the Political Sphere
Ejvind Hansen

How Should a Liberal Government Accommodate Disadvantaged Cultural Minorities?
Baldwin Wong

Part VIII: Ethics, Politics, Culture
Episodic Ethics, Post-modern Culture and the Sources of the Self
Jorge Martínez Lucena

Performing Politics between Rancière and Foucault: Culture, Biopower and Political Aesthetics
John McSweeney