Cultures of Violence

Cultures of Violence
edited by Jonathon E Lynch and Gary Wheeler

ISBN: 1-904710-12-3

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Jonathon E. Lynch; Gary Wheeler

Part 1: Contemplating and Considering Violence
1. Globalization and Structural Violence
Stefan Bucher

2. The Bullying Culture in High Schools
Dorothy Lenthall

3. “An Insider’s Look” – A Phenomenological Enquiry into the World of Battering Men and Battered Women
Dalit Yassour-Borochowitz & Eli Buchbinder

4. On Violence From a Phenomenological Point of View
Michael Staudigl

Part 2: Representing Violence
5. Violence and Perversion in J. G. Ballard’s Crash
Eunja Hwang

6. Being Hit Artistically
Maria Jose Alcaraz León

7. Gloom and Boom – Representations of Violence in Taiwan and Hong Kong Gangster Films
Ying Chih Liao

8. Thrill-Kill Culture and the Beautiful Wound
Emily McMehen

Part 3: Visual Expressions of Violence and Symbolic Speech:
9. Gendered Arts of War
Gary Wheeler

10. Visual Representations of Violence in the Visual Arts
Pei-Ying Wu

Part 4: Scales of Conflict
11. On Periphery Marginalisation and Conflict in Sudan
Aleksi Ylönen

12. Politics, Violence, and Expression: The Role of Memory and Identity in Guatemala’s War-Torn Past
Patricia Seminetta

13. “You’re Old Enough to Kill, But too Young for Votin’.” Critical Reflections on the Child Soldier Issue
Graeme Goldsworthy and Frank Faulkner

Part 5: Violence and Conceptions of Rights
14. Animal Rights Activism, Marginalization, and Violence
Elisa Aaltola

15. The Jihadist Subculture of Terrorism in Spain
Javier Jordan & Nicola Horsburgh

16. The Terrorists’ Best Ally: Media Coverage of Terror
Raphael Cohen-Almagor

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