Diasporas: Revisiting and Discovering

Diasporas: Revisiting and Discovering
Edited by Laura DePretto, Gloria Macri and Catherine Wong

ISBN:  978-1-84888-019-1

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Gloria Macri

Section I: Diasporic Feelings and Belonging

Catherine Wong

Migrants’ Hearts: This Land is Not My Home
Felicity M. Greenfields

Sites of Belonging: Caribbean and African Diasporas in Ethiopia
Shelene Gomes

Un/Settling Malaysia: Diaspora and National Desire
Sharmani Patricia Gabriel

Afro-French Subjectives and French Postcolonial Nationalisms
Yasser Munif

Home to Home to Hong Kong: The Linguistic Displacement and Imaginary Diaspora in Anglophone Hong Kong Literature
Catherine Wong

The Jewish Diaspora from France to Montreal: Situational Identity and Multi-Centred Diasporas
Robert A. Kenedy

The Narrative of Cultural Identity: An Opening for Collective Action among the Sri Lankan Tamil Diasporas in Toronto
Kalyani Thurairajah

Shopping Around for Diasporic Identities: Brand Names, The Cultural Industry and the Politics of Consumption in the Work of Wayson Choy and Gautam Malkani
Jonathan Rollins

Section II: Engagement with Homeland

Laura DePretto

Breaking up a Diasporic Homeland: Xinyi as a Qioxiang in Post 1978 China
Cheun Hoe Yow

Beyond the Sea: Geographies of Mobility and Memory in Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Ivan Small

Understanding Motivations for Trans-National Engagement: Diaspora Supported Development – The Jamaican Case
Janine Rose

Section III: Us and Them

Gloria Macri

Immigrants in their Own Country: Negotiations on Dimensions of Finnishness in the Aland Islands
Anna-Liisa Kuczynski

Pre-Immigration Profiles of Potential Ethnic Migrants from Finnish Diaspora in Russa – A Social Psychological Study
Anu Yijala

Who do They Think They Are? Online Narratives among Romanian Diaspora in Ireland
Gloria Macri

Taiwan: Republic of China or Republic of Confusion
Shi-Chi Kao

Local Identification and Authenticity Among the Irish Diaspora in England
Marc Scully

Romany Roots: Gypsies and Travellers in Britain Sustaining Belonging and Identity over 600 Years of Nomadising
Margaret Greenfields

The Inclusion of Global Migrants: A Model and Suggestions for Research and Policy
Douglas C. Maynard & Melanie Graham

Section IV: Uncovering and Exploring Diasporas

Laura DePretto

Cyber-Diasporas: The Affects of Migration to Virtual Worlds
Dana R. Herrera & Andras Margitay-Becht

The Utopian Diaspora: Australians in Paraguay
Andrew Harvey

Conceiving Collectivity: The Urdu-Speaking Bihari Minority and the Absence of Home
Victoria Redclift

Catherine Wong