Educational Structures in Context

Educational Structures in Context: At the Interfaces of Higher Education
Edited by Iva Apostolova and Tom Claes

ISBN:  978-1-84888-024-5

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Iva Apostolova and Tom Claes

PART I: Questioning the Formal Structures of Higher Education

Why Should We Go to School?
Iva Apostolova

Developing a New Curriculum: Chartered Street or Valley Wild?
Karen Gomoluch and Gill Whittaker

Questioning The Idea of the University
Sanja Petkovska

Teachers’ Knowledge and Teacher Education: Some Reflections
Maria Leonor Borges

Separating Learning and Evaluation
Mark Dobbins

PART II: Higher Education in Specific National Contexts

Higher Education in Canada: New Millennium, New Students, New Directions
Dale Kirby

Developing Active Citizenship: Universities as Agents of Social Change
Sarwet Rasul

The Nature of Learning Theories and their Effects on Distance Education Practices in Turkey
Serpil Koçdar and Nilgün Özdamar

PART III: The Impact of Technology on Higher Education

Online Teaching with Learning Objects
Bill Tait

User Requirements Analysis for Use of Mobile Phones in Learning and Teaching
Johnnes Arreymbi and Chrisina Draganova

Using a Cognitive Flexibility Hypertext to Develop Reading Comprehension: An Ongoing Case Study with Students with a Media Studies Degree
Maria Isabel Orega and Antonio Moreira