Environmental Ethics: Sustainability & Education

Environmental Ethics:  Sustainability & Education
edited by Estelle L. Weber

ISBN:  978-1-904710-74-5

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PART I Environmental Ethics and Justice
Crisis? Which Crisis?
Linda Hadfield

Immigrants in their “Own” Country – Finns Living in Aland
Anna-Liisa Kuczynski

Antarctica:  Common Resource or Developer’s Dream
Jane Verbitsky

Climate Change and the Construction Industry
Francine Baker

Environmental Rights, Justice and Climate Change
Bridget Lewis

Investing the Law With an Environmental Ethic:  Incorporating Environmental Justice Into Domestic Environmental Laws
Brad Jessup

PART II  Citizen Advocacy, Engagement, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Sustainable Development
Environmental Ethics is Key to Sustainability in a Contemporary Society
Harriet Nalukenge

Redressing Equity Issues in Natural Resource-Rich Regions:  A Theoretical Framework for Sustaining Development in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Agung Sugiri

Is There a Place for Mediation and Other Consensus Building Processes in Environmentally Threatened Communities in the Philippines?
Caroliza Tulod-Peteros

So You Say:  Ecological Knowledge vs. Economic Need in South America
Noomi Mozard

Incorporating People’s Perception into Landscape Planning:  Ethical Challenges in Dealing with Diversity of Opinion Within a Community
Elisabeth Conrad, Mike Christie and Ioan Fazey

The Role of Stakeholder Engagement in Conservation:  Integrating Ecological Sciences and Participatory Methods in A Mediterranean Island Context
Louis F. Cassar, Stephen Morse and Geoffrey H. Griffith

Indigenous Land Management in a Modern World:  A Case Study From Papua New Guinea
Estelle L. Weber

PART III  Environmental Education
Virtue Ethics, Biodiversity and Environmental Education
Paul Knights

The Problem with Consensus:  The Contested Terrain of Sustainability in a University Setting
Judy Rogers and Jane Shepherd

Teaching Environmental Law:  Curriculum and Methoologies
Erika J. Techera

State Neutrality and Compulsory Environmental Education
Anders Schinkel