Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship

Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship
edited by Catherine Phillips

ISBN: 1-904710-13-1

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PART I: Transformation, Education and Allegiances

Implications for Environmental Education from Wildlife Valuations
S. Ram Vemuri

Public Environmental Attitudes in Turkey
Muammer Tuna

Resounding Cities: Acoustic Ecology and Games Technologies
Lawrence Harvey and Jules Moloney

PART II: The Future and Affordability of Sustainable Development

Reconciling the Advocates of Technologies and Heroism in the Sustainability Discourse
Ralf Brand

The Affordability of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Certification for SMEs
Evy Crals and Lode Vereek

The California Wine Community’s Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices: from Ground to Bottle
Allison Lengauer Jordan, Jeff Dlott and Kari Birdseye

PART III: Genetic Modification: Precautions, Risks and Decision-Making

Making Sense of the Precautionary Principle: GM as a Case in Point
Meira Hanson

A Comparison of Policy Responses to Environmental Risk: The Case of Risk Decision-Making for GM Crops in Canada and the UK
Sarah Hartley

The GM Nation Debate: Participatory Decision-Making?
Elisa Pieri

PART IV: Nature, the Natural and Education

The Remaking of Nature: Early Modern Alternatives
Helena Motoh

An Investigation of the Environmental Awareness of Primary School Students in Turkey
Muammer Tuna, Belgin Göçmen, Nevin Kozcu, Saadet Kuru,Derya Gök, Emine Çil and Buket Ball?el

PART V: Genetic Modification, Biotechnology and Alternatives

Differentiation in Innovation Strategies: Plant Biotechnology R&D Projects of a Regional Research Network
Jobst Conrad

Conserving and Growing Alternatives: Theorising Seed Saving and Exchange Networks
Catherine Phillips

Phenomenology and Genetic Engineering
D.W. Lauer

PART VI:Organic Agriculture, Ecology and Sustainability

Knowledge-based Economy, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development
Kuo-Hsien Chen

A Discursive Approach to Agricultural and Rural Policy in Europe
Feliu López i Gelats

Organic Agriculture in a Global Perspective
Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe and Erik Steen Kristensen

PART VII: Markets, Economies and Change

Job Losses with a Rising GDP: An Unsustainable Mix for the US Economy
Jon Bryan

Decent Competition: The Norms of Football and other Schemes of Cooperation
Anne Kristine Haugestad

PART VIII: Societies, Boundaries and Equity

Shadows of Secrecy and the Nuclear Power Renaissance
J.D. Wulfhorst

Efficiency versus Equality: Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy in the Netherlands
Hanneke Kruize

The Role of Transboundary Natural Resource Management in Peace Building across International Borders
Amanda M. Roberts

David Levick