Evil, Law and the State

Evil, Law and the State: Issues in State Power and Violence
edited by Istar Gozaydin and Jody Lyneé Madeira

ISBN: 1-904710-08-5

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Introduction: The Need for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Evil
Istar Gozaydin and Jody Lyneé Madeira

Pain, Interrogation and the Body
John T Parry

Responsibility for Atrocity
Kirsten Ainley

Suicidal Impunity
Elena A Baylis

Legal Pageantry and Derogation of Due Process Norms in the Trial of Saddam Hussein
Douglas J Sylvester

Hegel on Crime, Evil and Punishment
Angeliki Kontou

The Execution as Sacrifice
Jody Lyneé Madeira

Blasphemous Evils and Evil Blasphemies
David Nash

Corruption, Authority and Evil
Ruth A Miller

When Bad Faith Meets Machiavelli
H M Sam Jacobson

Mental Health Care During Apartheid in South Africa
Alban Burke

The Fiction of Sovereignty and the Denial of Rights to Health Care
Dani Filc and Hadas Ziv

Inflicting Pain on the Mentally Ill
Jonathan E Lynch

Bureaucratic Criminality
Ruben Berrios

Rape, Prostitution and Law in Turkey
Istar Gozaydin

Linguistic Competence, Cultural Categories and Discrimination
Martin Hébert and Caroline Aubry

Protection, Harm and Social Evil
Shani D’Cruze

‘Too Many Foreigners for my Taste’
Fernando Purcell

Humanity and Inhumanity
Roberto Buonamano

‘The Right to have Rights’
Tammy Lynn Castelein

China’s One Child Policy
Joann M Ross

On the Content of Violent Force
Bram Ieven

The Plurality of Evils and Reasonable Liberalism
Ville  Päivänsalo

Security and the Use of State Violence
Claudia Tazreiter

A Veiled Discourse of Democracy
B Lara Lee