Examining Aspects of Sexualities and the Self

Examining Aspects of Sexualities and the Self
Edited by Gemma Clarke, Fiona McQueen, Michaela Pnacekova & Sabrina Sahli

ISBN: 978-1-84888-020-7

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Gemma Clarke, Fiona McQueen, Michaela Pnacekova & Sabrina Sahli

PART I Examining Aspects of Homosexuality

Specifics of the Contemporary Czech Homosexual Community: History, Evolution and Ambivalences
Zdeněk Sloboda

Recognition and Regulation of Same-sex Couples in the U.K.: An Exploratory Study of Civil Partnerships
Mike Thomas

Forms of Resistance to the Organisation’s Symbolic Heternormative Order
Beatrice Gusmano

Deconstructing Sexual Identities in Daniel MacIvor’s A Beautiful View
Michaela Pňačeková

PART II Examining Aspects of Heterosexuality

What Drives the Human Sex Drive? Peering into the Portals of Virtual Sex
Derrell Cox II

Uncomfortable Territory? The Relationship Between Gender, Intoxication and Rape
Gemma Clarke

Sex in Transition: Anti-Sexuality and the Church in Post-Communist Poland
Alicja A. Gescinska

The Embodiment of Female Sexual Pleasure: Body as Object and Body as Instrument
Fiona McQueen

PART III Narrative Discourses

Spatial Sexualities: The Private, the Social and the Distinctively Deadly in Othello on Screen
Eleni Pilla

Feminine but Macho: Erotic Reshaping of the Self in Hanif Kureishi’s The Black Album
Illaria Ricci

I Simply am Not There: Sadism and (the Lack Of) Subjectivity in Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho
Sabrina Sahli

Sade’s Doctrine of Creative Destruction
Caleb Heldt

Memory, Excess & the Fictional Self
Andrew Markham