Exploring Interdisciplinary Trends in Creativity & Engagement

Exploring Interdisciplinary Trends in Creativity & Engagement
Edited by Barbra McKenzie & Phil Fitzsimmons

ISBN: 978-1-904710-73-8

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Barbra McKenzie and Phil Fitzsimmons                                             

Section I: Significant Others

Can We, Should We Teach Teachers Creative Thinking?
Adva Margaloit                                                          

A Case Study in Doing Anti-Racism Pedagogy
Nado Aveling and Helen Hatchell                                         

Exploring Resilience Through Narrative Texts
Cecelia du Toit                                                                                  

Children Creatively Engaging Each Other
Cathie Harrison and Christine Moradini              

The Cultural Genesis of Creativity: An Emerging Paradigm
Vlad – Petyre Glaveanu                                                                          

Teaching Creative Engagement
Barbra McKenzie                                                                 

A Creative Social Studies Classroom
Mostafa Shekhzade                                                                       

Finding the ‘I’ in Creativity
Phil Fitzsimmons and Ruth Lindsell                                

Section II: Role of the Environment

Engaging Students via Organizational Engagement
Hsio-Chi Chang                                                                                   

Outcomes-Based Education
Lesley Caust                                                                        

Creative Development through Performance
Josephine Mokwunyei                                                                    

Studying Childhood with Children
Naile Berbergolu                                                                 

Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents
Jane Simister                                                                        

A Gift to Our Lost Childhood
Sofia Pantouvaki                                                                

Blossoming through Literary Engagement
Sujin B. E. Huggins                                                                

Section III: Future Possibilities

Filoesco and the Aion Space
Lúcia Helena Cavasin Zabotto Pulino                    

Children’s Creative Imagination
Wahju Agung Widjajanto, Michael Lund, Heidi Schelhowe,
Sunthararajan Subraman, & Martha Friedrich

Can Children Engage in Philosophical Enquiry?
Morag Gaut