Framing Evil: Portraits of Terror and the Imagination

Framing Evil: Portraits of Terror and the Imagination
edited by Nancy Billias and Agnes B Curry

ISBN: 978-1-904710-76-9

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Nancy Billias and Agnes B. Curry

Part 1: Investigations of the Nature of Evil in ‘Imaginary’ Contexts

Aesthetics of Evil: Adorno vs. the Ethical Turn
Anders Johansson

Allegories of Evil: Kafka’s The Castle and Auster’s The Music of Chance
Ilana Shiloh

The Face of Evil: Emmenberger in Dürrenmatt’s Der Verdacht
Vera Profit

Contesting Claggart: Evil in Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, Sailor
Luc Small

“Unrepenting Sorrow and Deliberate Sin”:  Milton and Hawthorne’s Understanding of Evil
Gregory A. Wilson

Ecoterrorism, Climate Change and the Politiciaation of Science in Michael Crighton’s State of Fear
Margarita Carretero-González

The Language of Evil: Popular versus ‘Higher’ Culture
Neil Forsyth

Sex, Sin and Redemption: The Critique of Christian Rhetoric in Rolf de Heer’s Bad Boy Bubby
Ann-Marie Cook

Villainy, Disability and the Moving Image: A Psychoanalytic Perspective
Martin F. Norden

Innocent or Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity? The Role of Film in the Holocaust 1939-1945
Julia Victoria Doyle

Ur-Real Evil and Wickedness in a Virtual World
Marlin C. Bates, IV

Portraits of Evil in Wittgenstein: From Poetry to Disenchantment
Silvia Lanzetta

Part 2 Boundaries and Frontiers – Finding Frameworks for Addressing Current Challenges
You are What You Eat: Cannibalism, Autophagy and the Case of Armin Meiwes
Roger Davis

The Externalization of Justice
Kristy J. Buckley

Perspectives of Cyberethics in the Information Society
Robert Bichler, Christian Fuchs, Celina Raffl

Predicting Evil: I-D Orientation and Its Implications for Human Nature
Greg M. Turek & Darin J. Challacombe

‘The Splendour of Little Girls’: Social Constructions of Paedophiles and Child Sexual Abuse
Sarah Dalal Goode

Interviewing the Embodiment of Political Evil: An Ethnographic Reconstruction of the Experience of Meeting with President Echieverriá
Alejandro Cervantes-Carson

III.       Evil and Terror
i. Evil, Terror, and Rhetoric

How Civilians Became Targets: The Moral Catastrophe of ‘Collateral Damage’
William Andrew Myers

The Rhetoric of Evil: How Failure is Turned to One’s Own Advantage
Joshua Mills-Knutsen

Posturing Fear in a World of Performed Evil: Terrorists, Teachers, and Evil Neo-liberals
Namita Chakrabarty & John Preston

ii.         9/11 and beyond
Post-Modern Narratives of Evil and 9/11: The Case of Frédéric Biegbeder
Scott M. Powers

Terrorism – Then and Now
Agnes B. Curry

Terrorism – Within and Without
Nancy Billias

Terrorism and Human Rights: Confronting Evil and Remaining Good
Shlomit Harrosh