Heavy Fundametalisms

Heavy Fundametalisms: Music, Metal & Politics
Edited by Rosemary Hill and Karl Spracklen

ISBN: 978-1-84888-017-7

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Rosemary Hill and Karl Spracklen

Part I: Philosophy and Aesthetics

Metal Community and Aesthetics of Identity
Igor Gafarov

Living for Music, Dying for Life: The Self-Destructive Lifestyle in the Heavy Metal Culture
Daniel Frandsen

The Common Vernacular of Power Relations in Heavy Metal and Christian Fundamentalist Performances
Christine A. James

Part II: Nationalities and Warriors

Scandinavian Metal Attack: The Power of Northern Europe in Extreme Metal
Imke von Helden

White Power, Black Metal and Me: Reflections on Composing the Nation
Caroline Lucas

Machine Guns and Machine Gun Drums: Heavy Metal’s Portrayal of War
Samir Puri

Part III: Fans and Communities

‘Den Mothers’ and ‘Band Whores’: Gender, Sex and Power in the Death Metal Scene
Sonia Vasan

‘I’m a Metalhead’: The Representation of Women Letter Writers in Kerrang! Magazine
Rosemary Hill

Gorgoroth’s Gaahl’s Gay! Power, Gender and the Communicative Discourse of the Black Metal Scene
Karl Spracklen

Communication Function in the Estonian Metal Subculture
Lii Araste

Part IV: Technologies and Musicologies

Louder Than Hell: Power, Volume and the Brain
Colin A. McKinnon

Dissonance and Dissidents: the Flattened Supertonic Within and Without of Heavy Metal music.
Sarha Moore

Intelligent Equalisation Principles and Techniques for Minimising Masking when Mixing the Extreme Modern Metal Genre
Mark Mynett, Jonathan Wakefield and Rupert Till