Hope: Global Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Hope: Global Interdisciplinary Perspectives
edited by Whitney Bauman

ISBN: 978-1-904710-54-7

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Part I: Philosophical Perspectives
Moral Theory and Hope
Andreas Lind

Distinguishing between Hope and Despair
Ariel Meirav

Transcendent, Sublime Hope as an Antidote to the Ethos of Pride and Commodity Culture
Beverly Sherringham

Modes of Hoping and the Utopian Impulse
Darren Webb

The Spirit of Hope and Its Near Enemy Indifference: A Phenomenological Continuum
Janette E. McDonald

The Scandalously Impure: Hope for Transcending Cultural Norms
Ariella Linovski

The Rationality of Hope
Nancy Mardas Billias

Hope and Reason: The Desire of Immortality in Spanish Philosophy
Pedro Jesus Perez Zafrilla

In Between Hope and Despair: Notes on the Dialectic Hermeneutics of ‘Being’
Ruhtan Yalciner

The Phenomenology of Hope
Tanim Laila

Post-Foundational Hopes for Eco-Social Transformations in an Era of Globalization and Global Climate Change
Whitney Bauman

An Investigation on the Possibility of Mutual Understanding in a Pluralistic World
Siavosh Naderi Farsani and Mohammad Javad Abolghasemi

Part II: Psychological Perspectives
From Cure to Quality of Life: The Shifting Meaning of Hope at the End of Life
David B. Feldman, Julia Kasl-Godley, Amirah Khouzam, Nicholas E. Pisca, Ana P. Cabrera, and Melody Donboli

Theatre and Counseling: Factories of Hope and Resilience
Edgar R. Sanchez

Consistency of the Optimism-Pessimism Variable: The Role of Emotions
Shlomo Kaniel and Yifat Harpaz-Itay

Part III: Literature, Art, and Hope
Finding Life in the Liminal: The True Voice in the Cinematic Narration of a Psychopath
Phil Fitzsimmons

Hope in Despair, or the Expressive Void of Art
Tomasz Wisniewski

Phenomenology of Hope and Despair: A Qur’anic Perspective
Noor Mohammad Osmani

Part IV: Engaged Projects of Hope
Freedom, Democracy, Affirmative Action, Employment and Equity: The Current Landscape of Post-Apartheid South Africa.  Are We Opening or Closing Futures?
Fredelene Elie and Tshepiso Matentjie

Changing Perceptions of Opportunities: Hope for Young People in High HIV-Risk Environments
David Harrison, Linda Richter and Chris Desmond

NGOs in Brazil: Hope is not a verb…it is an adverb; It is Not and Action, It is a Modality
Mariangela Marcello