Hope: Probing the Boundaries

Hope: Probing the Boundaries
edited by Rochelle Green and Janet Horrigan

ISBN: 978-1-904710-41-7
New second edition

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Session 1: Hope and Relationality
Hope and the Ethics of Dying
Rochelle Green and Janet Horrigan

Envisaging Possible Futures in Relation to Possible Selves
Paul Salvatori

Session 2: The Darker Side of Hope
Hope When the Game is Over: The Effect of Exploitation on Athletes
Janet Horrigan

Self-Deceptive Hope
Roland Bluhm

Melancholy Hope: Friendship in Paul Celan’s Letters
Felix Christen

Hope and Advertising
Mauro Dujmovic

Session 3A: Novel Paradigms for Hope
A Cultural Movement to Increase Hope in the 20th Century
Lida Sherafatmand

From Fad to Journey: Embodying Hope throughDigestion in Hawai’i
Lucy Pickering

Session 3B: Bloch, Hope and Modern Society
Ernst Bloch and the Phenomenology of Hope as Fundamental Ontological Question
Cinzia Romagnoli

Ernst Bloch: Hope as the Conscious Action Towards an Open-Future
Iris Meyer

Session 4A: The Psychology of Hope
Children, Family Violence, and Hope-in- the-Making in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Jennifer Infanti

Hope, Neurolinguistics and the Self
Mariangela Marcello

Session 4B: Hope, Despair, Evil
Reflections on a Broken World: William James and Gabriel Marcel on Despair, Hope, and Desire
Rosa Slegers

Hope and Its Incongruence with Evil
Ioannis S. Christodoulou

Session 5: Love and Relativism at the Crossroads
At the Crossroads of Science, Religion and Utopia: Rediscovering Spiritualistic Paradigms of Redemption in the Context of Bioethics
Alena Govorounova

Relativism, Culture and Political Argumentation
Martin Palacek

Session 6: Hope, Self and Community
Hoping For and Against Hope: Lived Exeriences of Hyphenated Dis-located Identities
Veena Balsawer and Rebecca Feng

The Affective Politics of Insurgent Hope
Lia Haro

Hope Across the Razor Wire: Student-Inmate Reading Groups at Monroe Correctional Facility
Ed Wiltse

Session 7A: Hope, Invisibility and Relation
On the Hope for the Hope for Those without Hope
Marek Palasinski

Hope for the Invisible Women of India: Disability, Gender and the Concepts of Karma, Shakti in the Indian Weltanschauung
Shilpa Das

Session 7B: Hope, Faith and Human Nature
The Divine Experience in Lagerkvist’s Works as the Embodiment of the Quest for Hopeful Existence
Anna Zebialowicz

Doubt One Minute, Faith the Next: Hope and Faith in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany
Alex Hobbs

On Concept, Value and Principle of Hope
Nicholas Smith

Session 8A:Hope in South Africa
Hope in View of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Conflicts of Public Discourse and Power
Jill Oliver

Session 8B: Philosophy of Hope
Walter Benjamin and Theodore Adorno on Hope: A Conversation
Fotini Vaki