Illness, Bodies and Contexts

Illness, Bodies and Contexts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
edited by Isabella Lange and Zoë Norridge

ISBN:  978-1-904710-29-5

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Isabelle Lange and Zoë Norridge

PART I    Personalising Illness Experience 

Illness: The Redefinition of Self and Relationships
Mary J. Didelot and Lisa A. Hollingsworth

Cancer and the Idea of Self: Philosophy, Memoir and Medical Trauma
Marlene Benjamin

Perceptions of Pain in Contemporary Zimbabwean Literature: Personal Pain Narratives in Yvonne Vera’s
The Stone Virgins
Zoë Norridge

Empathetic Witnessing in Patient Pathographies
Melinda Rosenberg

PART II    Bodies and Embodiment

The Fit of Health: The Embodiment of an Ideal and Its Implications
Naomi Adelson

Some Thoughts on Physicians and Metaphysicians
Iain Brassington

Beyond Biomedicalisation: Mind/Body Models of Health and Illness
Gillian Bendelow and David Menkes

Writing Size Zero: Figuring Anorexia in Contemporary World Literatures
Isabelle Meuret

Writing Over the Illness: The Symbiotic Representation of Albinism
Charlotte Baker

The Aesthetic of Self-Representation in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Lisa Szczerba

PART III   Myths and Metaphors

Finding Meaning through Metaphors: Following a Narrative Thread from Experience to Research to
Jasna Krmpotić Schwind

Metaphors of Health, Illness and Disease in Margaret Atwood’s Fiction
Teresa Gibert

Devils,  Serpents, Zebras: Metaphors of Illness in Swedish Literature on Eating Disorders (1987-2005)
Katarina Bernhardson

Constructing a Consumptive Myth: Medical Discourse and the Representation of Tuberculosis
Katherine Byrne

Metaphors of Injury: Making Sense of Pelvic Pain
Victoria M. Grace and Sara MacBride-Stewart

PART IV    Meaning and Medicine

Methods of Diagnosis: The Path Towards Dialogue
Imre Bard

Disease in the Information Age
Laura K. Kerr

The Media Manufacturing The Sense of Health, Illness and Disease:  Health Coverage in Turkish Newspapers
İnci Çınarlı and Elgiz Yilmaz

Debates over the Safety of SSRI Antidepressants: Prozac, Seroxat and the Paradoxes of Evidence-based Medicine
Linsey McGoey

Botulinum Toxin Facial Treatment: Are There Specific Influences on Women’s Communication Process?
Christina Hahn and Daniel Leising

Evaluating Risk and Pain in Elective Cosmetic Surgery
Ashley Morgan

PART V   Disability and Desirability

Genetics, Disability and Symbolic Harm
Elisabeth Gedge

Making Sense of Disease, Disability and Trauma: Normative and Disruptive Stories
Valerie Raoul

Disability, Reproductive Interventions and Moral Consistency
Stuart Oultram

Desirability and Its Discontents: Young People’s Responses to Media Images of Health, Beauty and Physical Perfection
Joe Grixti

Selling the Social as Object: Online Donor Banking and the  Standardisation of Semen
Susan Rogers

Alcoholism: Correction and the Changing Notions of Recovery
Donavon Rocher

PART VI    Ethics, Autonomy, Justice and Rights

On My Own:  Where Autonomy Ends and Justice Begins
Alison Roberts Miculan  and Lisa Schwartz

The Production of Health and Illness in Discourses: The Case of the German Health Care System
Sebastian C. Bechmann

From Policy to Practice: Recruitment of African Nurses in the UK
Gloria Likupe, Laurie Lynn Kelly and Joyce  Laroso-Abonyo

Health and Ethical Choices in Economics
Delphine Arweiler

Qualifying for the Right to Die – A Dubious Privilege: Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill
Michele Wates

Reconciling Discretion, Jurisdiction and Equity: Funding of  Health Services in Canada
Nina Preto