Illuminating the Dark Side

Illuminating the Dark Side: Evil, Women and the Feminine
edited by Andrea Ruthven & Gabriela Mádlo

ISBN: 978-1-84888-044-3
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Andrea Ruthven and Gabriela Mádlo

Section 1 Bad Mothers

Cesarean Kidnapping: Maternal Instinct, Malingering and Murder
Theresa Porter

The Dilemma of Depicting Desire: Maternal Secret or Public Censure
Denise Ferris

Monstrous Mothering from Boyz ‘N’ the Hood to Precious: Damaged Mothers on Screen
Courtney C. Young

Unnatural Mothers, Mothering Unnaturally: Technologies of Reproduction and the Politics of Maternity in Hiromi Goto’s Hopeful Monsters
Andrea Ruthven

Section 2 Representations and Responses

Lampooning ‘The Queen of Mean’: Representations of Leona Helmsley in Popular Culture
Tadeusz Lewandowski

Aileen Wuornos: Sympathy For the Devil
Christine Rogers

‘Look at Moiye!’ Monstrous Feminine as Social Rebellion in Kath and Kim
Ann-Marie Cook

Section 3 Portrayals Now

Neo-Victorian Sapphic Femme Fatales: Manipulation and Double Game in Sarah Waters’ Affinity
Malwina Degorska

Mother Against Daughter and Daughter Against Mother: Hostile Femininity in the Neo-Victorian Novel
Barbara Braid

The Breast Bites Back: How the Projected ‘Bad’ Object of the Female Vampire Achieves Autonomy in L.Wiseman’s Underworld Evolution
Simon Bacon

Exotic Demons: Representations of the Ethnic Woman in Jack Kerouac’s The Subterraneans
Eftychia Mikelli

Section 4 Were Things Ever the Way We Remember Them?

Dangerous Whispers From the Flower and the Willow World
Senka Suman

The True Blood of the South: Hypermodern Portrayals of the Mythological Figure of the Maenad
Lucia Currás Norés

Sweet-Tongued Foes: Female Antagonists in Fantasy Fiction for Children and Young Adults
Anne Klaus

Section 5 Evil Women in The American South

The Tarantula Arms! That’s Where I Brought My Victims! Blanche Dubois, or the Journey from Southern Belle to Evil Woman
Maika Aira Gallardo

I don’t ask for things I don’t think I can get: Regina Giddens as Portrayal of a New Southern Evil in Wyler’s The Little Foxes (1941)
Mónica Ledo Fernández

From Jezebel to the Southern Belle: (mis)Representations of the Female in Classic Hollywood Film: Jezebel and Gone With the Wind
Patricia Fra-Lopéz

Section 6 Authors Today

Hawthorne and Tolstoy: Views on the Problem of Women as Evil
Ekaterina Yasko

The Beauty Myth as the Root of Feminine Evil in Marie Belloc Lowndes’ What Really Happened?
Elyssa Warkentin

Introspaces of Subversion vs. Ideological Spaces of Evil in Eavan Boland’s ‘Anorexic’
Adel Sliti

Section 7 Medieval and Early Modern Echoes Today

Sculpting Wanton Vessels: Physiognomy, Medical Theory and the Construction of the Evil Feminine in the Later Middle Ages
Brenda S. Gardenour

Female Imagination as Origin of Evil in Paracelsus (1493-1541) and Boehme (1575-1624)
Filips DeFoort

Section 8 Lilith and Her Sisters

Judaic Evil Myths in Latin Women Writers
Zoila Clark

Xenogenesis: Lilith the ‘Other’ and the Alien Origin Story in the Science Fiction Saga of O.E. Butler
Restituta Castiello

Beyond the Femme Fatale: The Mythical Pandora as Cathartic, Transformative Force
Maree Macmillan

The Bitch: ‘La Malinche’ and the Construct of the Deviant Female in Chicana Feminist Theory and Writing
Suryendu Chakraborty

Section 9 Sex Rears Its Ugly Head

Prostitution and the Prostitute: Demonisation or Sanctification, Vixen or Victim? The Belgian Experience
Evi Schroyen

Immoral Earnings: Portraying Prostitutes in Ottoman Turkey
Aytu Çakıcı

High-Flyers of the Restoration: Literary Attempts at Taming the (W)ho(r)rific
Katarzyna Bronk

The Problem of Representability: Lesbian Depiction in Horror Film and Contemporary Art
Jenny Keane